Everything To Know About A Spare Car Tyre

Tyres can burst or explode or undergo major damage anytime. They are your link to the road and determine your safety quotient and play an essential role in maintaining the grip and handling of your car. Whether you are on a road trip or an early morning errand run, tyre damage can cause many hassles, especially if you have no spare tyre.

Spare tyres are your saviour during any emergency. You can switch them with the damaged one, and you will be good to go until you find someone appropriate to look into the matter. Remember, spare tyres only offer a temporary solution. Knowing a few things about spare tyres can help you stay prepared and make the right choice.

Suffering From A Flat Tyre- What To Do?

Flat tyres can occur anytime. Depending on your Bridgestone tyres Wolverhampton quality, even the smallest of any sharp object could cause a hole in your tyre, causing air to escape. You will know when you have a flat tyre, but whether it happens in the middle of the night or while on a road trip, one should be prepared.

First, relax and do not panic; put on your emergency back flashers and drive to the side of the road. Your spare tyre cannot be just any tyre but should be of equal size and tread depth. If you have no choice, seek expert help as soon as you are out of the danger zone.

Recommended Time Period On How Long You Could Drive With Your Spare Tyre

This differs from tyre to tyre and on different factors like tyre shelf-life, quality, tyre size, tyre depth. There are several options available for spare tyres like the donut tyres, the run-flat ones, and the full-size tyres. Most car tyre dealers would recommend investing in the same size spare tyre as the ones you already use. This causes less wear and tear, the right alignment, and better grip and control even while cornering.

Donut tyres are comparatively narrower and also way more compact. They fit the car trunks just right but come with some restrictions. You cannot drive at high speed using donut tyres and can move for a maximum distance of 70 miles. Run-flat tyres are not restricted to premium car brands anymore. Run-flat tyres do not require a spare tyre as even with a puncture, they could cover a safe distance before giving up.

Spare Car Tyre Maintenance Tips 

  • Just like you would for your original tyres, spare car tyres should be well-maintained too. You should be evaluating the spare tyre now and then and go to the mechanic if you witness any issue.
  • Spare tyres Wolverhampton cannot be kept in your car trunk for an indefinite amount of time. Every country comes with a restricted timeline, after which you have to replace them even if not used. Some recommend eight years while some six.
  • After fixing a spare tyre, the ABS warning lights could turn on, indicating the spare tyre is rotating faster than the others. Do not panic or step on the accelerator but maintain a safe speed, drive to your destination, and replace them with permanent ones.
  • Every car owner should know how to change spare tyres to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Changing spare tyres is not tough but being cautious is necessary. Improper installation of the spare tyre can jeopardise your life.

A lot of cars come with run-flat tyres now; therefore, spare tyres are not always necessary. But most of the old models still require them. Invest in quality spare tyres or, better, invest in original ones and keep them in your trunk. Make sure your tyre is maintaining proper tyre pressure, and check with a pressure gauge. Always have one handy to avoid any stranding situation.