Everything that you want to know about the pool filters

Your summers are sorted if you own a swimming pool. However, keeping the pool tidy is no mean feat and may require professional equipment. Now one of the best tools that can help you with your cleanings is a swimming pool filter.

Pool filter components and where to find them?
A swimming pool filter has components like filter cartridges, O-rings, multi-ports, Spider Gaskets, lock rings, pump baskets, capacitors, lids, bleed valves, rotors, and so on. Ideally, swimming pool filters can last for 3 to 5 years depending on their usage and maintenance, but you may need to change any component if required. The spare parts are available online or in-store at reasonable prices. Check out What Size Pool Pump do I Need?

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Why should one consider installing a pool filter?

  1. It keeps the pool tidy.
  2. It functions for a long time.
  3. It needs no manual labor
  4. It is not very expensive
  5. It is easy to install.
Types of pool filter
Based on the application, there are three types of swimming pool filters available. You can choose to install any one type- Cartridge filter, DE filter, or Sand Filter. Cartridge filters
Easy to install and easy for your pocket, cartridge filters are the most popular swimming pool filters available in the market. They function by pushing the pool water through the filters and hold up the debris to deliver clean water. The virtue of these filters is that they do not get clogged up and, therefore, ensure longer machine life. However, like any other filter, the cartridge filter too must be cleaned twice in each season and must be replaced within 5 years. Moreover, if the pressure gauge crosses the 8 PSI mark more than once in every quarter, the filter must be replaced. Sand Filters
As the name suggests, these filters use unique sand that is graded and is used to filter the water. The water is pushed through the diffuser and the tank and then is made to pass through the sand layer that holds up the debris. The water then runs through the filter’s bottom without the debris, and freshwater is delivered to the pool. DE filters
DE filters can be called the most effective of all the filters because they can filter even the tiniest pieces of debris. It uses diatomaceous earth to screen a plastic grid reinforced on the filter, and that diatomaceous earth filters away the debris from the swimming pool.

It is imperative to install any one type of pool filter as cleaning debris manually is quite a tedious job. Moreover, manual cleaning can never compete with the filtration delivered by machine cleaning. So choose the best pool filter as per your requirement and let a trained pool filter installer install the filter in your pool.

How often should I clean the pool filter?
Like any other equipment, the pool filters need cleaning and proper care. Regular cleaning of the filters is advisable so as to avoid any clogging of the filtration system. A hosepipe must be used to blow out the water at a high pressure to clean the filters weekly. You can also avail for professional cleaning and servicing if required.

Many pool filter companies have now introduced self-cleaning filters supported by nano-fiber technology. The technology runs on a different operating system and can filter debris and tiny particles of 5-8 microns even.

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