Everything Essential About Data Analyst Courses

In recent decades, we have seen phenomenal growth in the Indian economy. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic was a major setback for not just the Indian economy but the entire world, India has managed to get back on track in just a couple of years. Economists are optimistic about the future of India, as the projected growth of the Indian GDP will be the fastest in the world. This enthusiasm is not just contained among Indians; a lot of foreign direct investment is pouring into the Indian economy. Until recently, India was primarily a service-based economy, but a pivot in the trend can be observed. 

A pivot towards manufacturing

The “Make in India” initiative looks to position India as a major player in the manufacturing sector. There is a lot of potential in manufacturing because India never really witnessed the linear progression of the manufacturing industry and then the service industry. We skipped the manufacturing revolution and went straight to being a service-based economy. Even though India is considered one of the best service-based economies in the world, the lack of manufacturing capability has resulted in a huge trade deficit. We import a lot more than we export, and it negatively impacts the true potential of our economy. But the pivot towards manufacturing will bring a new wave of job creation, which is much needed for Indians. Data science is going to play a key role in India becoming a major economic power in the world.

This article will discuss data analyst courses and how they help students and working professionals find better job opportunities. We will also discuss how one can identify a worthwhile data analyst course. 

Door to a promising career 

Data analysts are one of the most highly sought-after professionals worldwide. Today, every industry relies on data analytics to stay relevant in the market. Failure to do so puts a company at a significant disadvantage in comparison to its competitors.This is why even smaller companies have increased their investments in data analysis to find an edge in the market. This has increased the demand for adept data analysts, and this demand is projected to increase rapidly in the coming years. 

Online data analyst courses are also a great opportunity for working professionals. Today’s job market is extremely volatile, and staying relevant should be the top priority of a working individual. Data science courses are an excellent way for students to prepare for the volatile job markets that will be present in the coming years. 

Data analysts are some of the highest-paid individuals around the globe. And the lack of adept data analysts has made it easier for them to get good raises and quick promotions while working as data analysts. Some go on to become business analysts, which is also a great career choice. 

The best data analyst courses 

As the popularity of data analysis as a career path increased, so did the number of institutions offering a variety of data analyst courses. Some courses in the curriculum do not provide much value to students. Therefore, it is essential to choose the course wisely. The best way to find a worthwhile course is to look for some key indicators that signify excellence in the venture of teaching data analysis. 

Reputable institution  

Among the crowd of courses being offered, it is very important to find one with the backing of a reputable institution. These institutions have experience teaching and have developed certain methods that work best for teaching data science. When looking for a course, one should first look at the history and track record of the institution. Look for reviews on the internet and go through them. It will give an approximate idea of what one can expect. If possible, get in contact with former students and ask about their experience with the institution. These simple steps will help in weeding out some of the institutions that are not up to par with expectations.

Experienced faculty 

An experienced faculty is key to teaching any subject efficiently. Their experience in the field of teaching helps them acquire a general sense of the common problems a student might face. In turn, helping them understand their students better and develop a dynamic teaching style that can help them curate specific methods for every possible challenge Therefore, when looking for data analyst courses, one should find one that has multiple experienced faculty members.

Back to basics

To learn anything, one must have the basics covered. Now, many working professionals who join data analyst courses might not come from the educational background required for understanding more advanced concepts of data analysis. Even those who are afraid of mathematics will benefit when teachers ensure that they understand the various fundamentals from which they can begin their analytical journey. This is why it becomes essential to find courses that have a specific focus on the basics of every topic. Those who have a good grasp of the basic concepts of statistics, calculus, and liberal algebra can look for intermediate-level courses.

Industry-aligned curriculum 

What is the goal of learning data analysis, especially for working professionals? First of all, they want to learn the tools and techniques of data analysis, and secondly, they want to become adept at taking on the challenges a data analyst faces while working as a data analyst. This is why the best institutes focus on creating curricula that not only focus on the theoretical aspects but also the practical aspects. 

These courses will also provide some lectures and discussions with industry leaders in the field of data analytics. They will share the experiences and insights they have gathered from working in the industry. This is why one should always look for courses that have an industry-aligned course structure focused on teaching all the tools and techniques and their implementation processes to the students.

AI technologies 

At the very cutting edge of data science, artificial intelligence has become a crucial element. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to analyse vast amounts of data and quickly find patterns that would take humans years to find through conventional analysis methods. Therefore, it is very important to choose a course that teaches machine learning and deep learning programmes to the students. 

Cloud computing  

Computational capabilities play a key role when running data analysis programs. Both the accuracy and the efficiency depend on how powerful the hardware is. Some of the best tech companies provide cloud computing services around the world. Most companies use cloud computing services to fulfil their needs for higher computational power without spending huge monetary funds on running and maintaining sophisticated hardware. Therefore, one should always look for courses that teach the ins and outs of cloud computing and how to use it.

Placement opportunities  

Some institutes even provide placement opportunities to students. Even though most courses do not facilitate recruitment drives, they have a very positive approach and will guide students when looking for employment opportunities. 

Course fees 

To no one’s surprise, data analyst course fees range wildly from course to course. A data analyst course will typically cost around 50000 rupees. Some will cost significantly more or less. But we have found that some of the best institutions price their courses around the $50,000 level.