Everything About Anger Management Counseling In Fresno

“You need to learn to manage your temper—stop and count to 10,” someone has said how many times. This is something that is frequently stated to young toddlers. When they have a temper tantrum, their caregivers may recommend counting. You’ve probably heard it since you were a kid. It’s a technique for controlling powerful sensations of rage that are employed all across the world.

What Is the Point of Counting to Ten?

This works for people of all ages, believe it or not. Of then, ten may not seem like enough when you’re an adult. Adults, after all, have many more issues than children. However, some grownups have never paid attention to their teachers. They react to things in the same way they did when they were children. The main difference is that a large person having a tantrum might cause greater issues at home, in relationships, and at work.

For whatever reason, adult with rage difficulties has never learned to control their emotions. The smallest thing seems to set this person off, making people who witness the outburst feel uneasy and agitated. This individual could be described as irritable or huffy. Someone with the intermittent explosive disorder is a more suitable title for this person. In the United States, over 13 million persons suffer from this condition. There is never a time when this person thinks to themselves, “I better count to ten.” They have already reacted before this notion may arise. This could be due to a hereditary or environmental factor. The following are some of the most common risk factors:

  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Trauma, either emotional or bodily
  • Growing up among people who are prone to exploding
  • When children are exposed to violence at a young age, they are more likely to become violent
  • Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain damage are two examples of physical conditions.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and conduct disorders are examples of mental disorders.

This is precisely where an anger management recovery counselor Fresno comes in.

Anger And Personality

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. What counts most is how you cope with this emotion. Some folks seem to take rage in stride and don’t seem to notice it at all. These people are described as mellow or even-tempered. We’ve all met someone with a calm demeanor. They just seem to float about their days, seemingly unconcerned about anything. They spill milk or break a dish, shrug their shoulders, wipe up the damage, and go about their business.

The person with intermittent explosive disorder throws a tantrum and may rant about the incident for a long time. They may potentially cause damage to other items. The worst-case scenario is that someone else spilled the milk or broke the dish, in which case the anger is directed at them, and violence ensues.

Anger Management Counseling in Fresno

Anger management is a sort of treatment that teaches people how to control their anger using cognitive-behavioral strategies. If a person is prone to slamming doors, destroying things, or slamming into walls when furious, the therapist may have the person investigate the mental processes that are occurring and connect them to the action. When someone slams a door, it is obvious that they are shutting someone out on the other side. The individual, not the door, is the target.

You can also start to understand that rage isn’t always predictable. Even if it is tough to control, it might be regarded as a decision. It is the individual’s job to maintain his or her cool in toxic relationships where the other party actively activates triggers.

Individuals with anger issues can benefit from anger management by learning to understand what triggers their rage. They can learn to control anger by putting situations into perspective through continuing counseling and practice of skills at home and at work.

Talking about these kinds of incidents assists the person in recognizing how anger has taken over their life. There is still some work after this, and it will have to be done with deliberate effort. There may be a day when things are simple. However, being aware helps a person to think before behaving, which can lead to better relationships and overall well-being.

So, if you are prone to get agitated over the tiniest of things, or you have a loved one with the same issue, you should consider consulting with an anger management counselor Fresno CA.


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