Event security: 5 tips for large outdoor events


Large outdoor events are fascinating and can be joined by anyone. Some events like marathons or treasure hunts can be joined by people of all ages meanwhile, some are only accessible to certain group ages like a dance concert. One main concern in these events is the security of the people attending. Today we are going to give 5 tips on security for large outdoor events.

Establish a perimeter

One of the most important aspects of security is separating the viewers from the contestant or performers. This is called perimeter establishment and this can be done through the implementation of barriers or fencing. Once this is done, the perimeter will be monitored throughout the event by police, security and volunteers so that there is no unwanted connection between the viewers and the performers. Another benefit of having a perimeter is you can watch for any suspected behaviours from people through the naked eyes and from the video camera that is installed. Without a good perimeter, any people with dangerous equipment can move in and out of the event easily. Through this screening process, the event will go on in a safe environment

Work with other security personnel

When you are hosting a large outdoor event a lot of things can happen, usually bad. To avoid this, you need to have support from every possible security personnel like police, guards and volunteers who can help you out in every angle of the event. Through this combination, you will have a bigger workforce to cover up for any mishap and take care of the safety of the people that are around. Police can help you with identifying any problems, security will calm down thousands of people that are cheering or having fun and volunteers can guide the people so that no problem will arise. So good communication with other security personnel will confirm a smooth event. Event security is a service provided by a private security company and there is some security company in Billericay that can help you with large outdoor events.

Medical support

Although the security is maxed up, there will always be a small possibility for some issues like injuries or health-related problems to happen. When this type of thing happens you must provide the needed medical assistance to everyone. Although there will be trained medical staff in event security, having communication with a trained doctor and nurses to attend the event and help with the medical-related issues are very important. You should have several medical staff, some doctors and a few ambulances in case of emergency. One of the common issues in a big event is a person who is intoxicated. They might be injurious to themself and even to others. So use both the security and the medical staff to attend at them.

Plan ahead

Always plan ahead rather than having last-minute communication with all the staff. This is one of the most important steps you should do to make sure the event goes to the plan accordingly. There is a saying, “If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail” and that is why planning is important. Through planning, you will know where to put your medical staff, where to station your security and check for any loophole and secure it.

Emergency planning

Sometimes a disaster cannot be avoided even after maximum security has been established. So sit with your team and create an emergency plan. In this emergency plan, you should know how to evacuate the people around, identify any safe room for people, track any bomb or shooters and apprehend or inform to bomb squad. You should also put on some signage so that people can move smoothly through that particular ways.


A large outdoor event is where thousands of people will come in together to celebrate and through this anything can go wrong. But with the tips that are shown, if you strictly follow them, every large outdoor event will be a successful one.