Evening Desert Safari

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that has a lot of splendid and exquisite attractions for the tourists. Besides its enormous shopping malls and towering skyscrapers, many of the tourists are unaware of the many attractions that are present in the great deserts that are located away from the city. Although most of the nature lovers know this fact for sure that a trip to Dubai cannot be said to be complete without experiencing the many delights that these deserts offer and among them the evening desert safari proves to be the cherry of the cake. So after you have explored the many delights that the city has to offer and finally bored with the lengthy shopping sprees its time to look for some adventure. And what better than an exciting and adventure filled evening desert safari Dubai.

After you have made the bookings for the desert safari, the experienced drivers who are also your guides in this tour, will pick you from the place where you are staying and take you to the place from where the tour is going to start. Similarly at the end of the desert safari you will be taken back and dropped back at the same place. These drivers who are also acting as your guides are very well-versed in their roles and are experienced and very well-trained. All these drivers have a very clean history and have good conduct.

Is Dune Bashing right for you?

Not all the people who go for the Dubai evening safari should go for dune bashing. Especially the elderly and the children should stay away from it, also pregnant women and those who have a back or heart problem, should stay away from it. Private cars are arranged for such people that take them directly to the camp where various other activities are arranged for them. Arrangements are also made for the children’s safety during the drive.

There is no limitation to the number of people who can go on the evening safari you can go on it even if you are alone. Though its advisable that if you have a group of six then you have a complete car to yourself and don’t have to share it with other guests.

Safety Measures:

The drivers of the evening desert safari are all well trained and have a very good training of first aid. All the cars used in the desert safari are well equipped with all the safety measures to protect you in the process of an accident. The cars are also equipped with seat belts and 4 x 4 Land Cruisers, that can take you easily over rough terrains, are used in the evening desert safari. All the cars and passengers participating in the desert safari are fully insured.

Things To Be Done:

  • You should make it certain that you have a camera with you to capture the spell-binding and stunning views of the desert.
  •    You should wear loose and comfortable clothes and foot-wear. Especially for the evening desert safari they should be such that are good both for the heat of the day and the chill of the night.
  • You should not wear any expensive jewellery or watches, neither should you carry any cell-phones as there are no signals in the desert or the camp.
  • You should not miss out the delicious Arabian coffee that is served at the camp.

The Desert Safari Also Includes:

Sand Ski:

One of the popular sport in the evening desert safari and the best part about it is that everyone can do it because if you fall it will only be in the soft sand. And you won’t receive any injuries which makes it a must-do experience for all.

Camel Trek:

This is another popular activity that the desert safari can offer you. And if you are a true nature-lover this trek will enable you to take some of the most awesome and stunning views of the setting sun. Of this you will get a good chance when the camel will take you to the highest dunes and again you will get a chance to view it on your way to the camp.

Quad Bikes And Dune Buggies:

There will be two types of quad bikes in the evening desert safari. The larger quad bikes will be far more powerful, 350cc while the smaller ones will be 150cc. It is recommended that the children should use the smaller bikes as they are far less powerful. There is a special area reserved for the bike-riding and no rider is allowed to go out in the desert. While the dune buggies are two seaters and can be taken out in the desert. However there is an instructor who will lead all the buggies and he will give you some safety instructions before the ride starts.

All-in-all the evening desert safari is a must-do and your trip to Dubai will be incomplete without it.