European roadtrip, travelling on your own terms

Thanks to the development of technology and the large number of different types of transport, travelling has never been as easy and enjoyable as it is today. Many travellers choose to travel on their own terms. They prepare their own cars or RVs to travel thousands of kilometres and visit many European countries. This is what a roadtrip is!

Travelling on four wheels

Technology favours travellers, from ever-present navigation to travel advice. The whole trip can be planned without leaving home, which speeds up the process considerably. Planning a European roadtrip from A to Z is a challenge, especially if you plan to visit many countries. In each country, we need to book accommodation and familiarise ourselves with the general rules that apply there. When starting a journey in, for example, the Czech Republic, we must not forget about a vignette –, – which allows us to travel on expressways and motorways, which greatly speeds up the journey to our destination.

When preparing to travel in Europe, many people decide to buy or build their own RV. Although this requires a large financial investment and, in the case of construction, many weeks or even months of work, an RV makes travelling much easier and also reduces travel costs. Modern RVs are like small flats on wheels. Inside them you can find a bed, a kitchenette and even a makeshift toilet, so you can spend the night inside, prepare meals and even use the bathroom. In such conditions, many people decide to travel for several months, during which they visit many European countries, get to know the local culture and leave each country richer with new experiences. This kind of travel can be cheap but rich in unforgettable moments to remember for the rest of your life.

Europe – mountains, sea, cities

Europe offers travellers a wide range of possibilities. There is something for lovers of mountains, seas and oceans, as well as large cities. Frequently visited European countries include: Spain, Greece, France or Italy, but Europe also has many smaller countries that are definitely worth a visit. Travelling by car or an RV offers a great deal of freedom and allows you to visit many countries and sites of interest, all in one trip. The Alps, the Mediterranean, London or the Scandinavian countries? In this case, the only limit is your imagination!

Why do so many people choose to travel by car? The car is the only mode of transport that gives you so much freedom. You can plan your trip yourself from A to Z! When travelling by plane, train or bus, travellers do not have the opportunity to explore small towns and cities, whereas when travelling by car they do. Small towns perfectly reflect the mood of a given country. It is in them, not in the country’s capital cities, that you can see the real life of the inhabitants. This is truly fascinating. This is also one of the many reasons why roadtrips around Europe have become so popular, and every year, more and more people decide to turn their plan into reality. Although planning a roadtrip is not easy, it is definitely worth the effort.