Procedures for the estimation and planning of the construction project

What is Construction Plan?

A set of documents that tell about the requirement for the construction project such as resources, activities, budget, and schedule is called Construction Plan. A construction plan is created during the process of construction planning and it includes the following:

  • A written document that contains all the methodologies and approach 
  • Computer-aided-designs, blueprints and other illustrates for the design
  • Work breakdown structure which involves all the activities that make up the project 
  • Construction project participants such as stakeholders, construction estimators, sponsors, crews, etc. 

Defining the team members, project scope, project goals, and the process team will use to work together all before the design can begin. In construction, the oxymoron is that the more time you spend in making sure your project meets all your design needs it is less expensive. In the building, process changes are very difficult to do once the project begins. So, construction planning early is better for your project and budget. 

Here are five major steps for the construction planning to take before the beginning of the project.

1. Determining Project Plan 

It’s like you already have a broad sketch of your project in your mind what it will look like. For example, you want to add a wing to your building, construct your building or renovate it into a modern style. Well, before starting a project design it’s compulsory to define the goals you want to accomplish.

The process of the developing project starts with determining who are the stakeholders for the project. Everything which is involved in the making of the project should need to add at earlier. This includes those who will be working on the new construction project. Construction Estimator, Labor, General Contractors or Sub Contractors, Maintenance Team, executives, and finance team members. The more representative you have the better it is.

2. Define Project Scope 

From the list of the project goals, the whole team comes up with a list of the features which the project must include to meet their desired goals. The scope document which is created also provides details on how the goals will be achieved and implemented in the project. This project includes Construction Estimating Consultants, construction techniques, and another specific work scope.

It is also a good idea to address the budget at this stage too. With the construction estimator on the board, the team can discuss everything with him regarding the cost and their goals in the project. Once the team knows about the owners’ budget concerns. They make an educated decision and adjust the project according to the requirements of the owner. 

3. Process Planning 

Before the design team begin the work on the project the team should plan what the project design will look like and who will be involved in it. The design team may also have a different standard process. They suggest to the owner but first, they need to discuss it with the whole team before the work begins. 

Things that need to be under consideration are the responsibilities of each team member how the communication flow, and how the risk would e handled. Each team member should know what risk factors that include in their work. They should be very clear with the team that these issues maybe come up. 

4. Design Process

Once the plan has been defined the design team begins working on the design of the project. Most of the work in this stage is done behind the scene in the offices by the design team members. Communication and collaboration are the most important factors to make this process smooth. 

5. Bidding and Final Thoughts 

Once the project team has reviewed and approve your document. The bid is sent to the general contractors and if the general contractor is already a team member then it sends to the sub-contractor for bidding and the specific trades of the work.  

What Is Cost Estimation?

The concept of cost estimation is very simple it consists of translating the components of a construction project into monetary numbers. The amount which has been calculated by the construction estimator will help you to forecast how much charges you need to charge your customers. It’s one of the most major steps of the estimation it can make or either break the job.

Accountable Advice: You need to follow these guidelines step by step for the fast and precise construction estimate project

Well, cost estimating is one of the best methods for estimating the cost of a construction project through professional estimating. It’s the fastest way and put you in front of your customer.

Below are the steps for the construction estimate

Step 1:

Start Estimation with The Solid Construction Estimator Plan:

If you have ever worked as a Construction Estimating Consultant you might maybe see that for many years the same mistake has been made again and again. The mistake is ground in the cost estimating procedure done on the drawings instead of the strong construction plan.

In case you don’t know what are “Conceptual Drawings” let us tell you these are the rough ideas of what construction design should look like when put on a sheet of paper without measuring any control. It is confirming that a great construction project plan can only be made from a rock-solid construction plan.

A solid Construction estimator project plan consists of the hard work of professional construction estimating consultants sharing their knowledge and working together to design a construction project that lists all the necessary things such as materials, labor, actions, and equipment needed to successfully make a structure.

Step 2:

Compiling Of All The Necessary Items For That Construction Project 

In this step, you want to list all the items needed to make a complete plan in the construction estimator. All of these elements need to be quantified in proper amounts. Otherwise, you will have to suffer the same consequences during the compilation of your items from a mere drawing.

Things You Should Consider

Another thing that you have to consider in this step is the amount of time you dedicated to professional estimating. If you don’t spend proper time to study about the specific quantities of the material you will need then the probability of the wrong estimating things becomes high.

Always remember if you want to learn how the construction project estimation is done then try to think about the quantities when things go right but also if things go wrong then prevention.

Step 3:

Attachment of The Unit Cost for Each Item from The Last Step 

This step s highly effective attaching the unit cost of each item in your construction material is the most recommended method. It is the fastest and the most accurate method than the rest of the others.

Each Unit Cost Consist Of The Following Factors:

  • Construction Method
  • Material
  • Labor Hours
  • Technology

Each of these elements is very important in professional estimating. Using this method gets you back in front of the customer faster and makes sure you make a good reputation in front of your customer which will enable you to get recommendations and referrals in the future.

Step 4:

Total Your Numbers from One Single Number

In this step, you need to total your numbers accurately and have them checked by the most experienced employee.

Step 5:

Check Your Numbers 

Convincing your client about the viability of the numbers total cost stated in your bid is one of the best ways to learn to leverage your competitors.

You need to check your numbers and go through them again and again because it keeps you high in the industry. You can’t afford any mistakes otherwise you will lose a good amount.

Step 6:

Give Quote to Your Client 

Just to meet the deadline. Most people send their bid in the mail or in through email which shows you as very unprofessional and that is not what your business recommends you.

We advise you to pitch the construction estimate project with your customer face to face like the old way.

Bid presentation in person also allows you to interact with your client because most of the time the client asks you for clarifications on your methodology the cost of material, services, and the construction estimator. And you have to answer there.

There is one helpful strategy to fulfill this is to make a list of important things in your bid which you should discuss with the client before and after she goes through the whole document. when you do this, you must be very confident to erase any doubt.


Above are a few steps and guidelines for the cost construction estimate by following all of them you can make your construction estimate valuable with the help of construction estimating consultants you can provide professional estimating to your customers. And these are the ways how construction estimator does plan the construction project.


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