Essential Tools for Every House Painters

House painting is not an easy job for DIY House Painters. It is even more difficult to choose the proper tools to paint your house neatly and aesthetically. Remember that good tools come at a good price. Often painters buy cheap paints or tools that don’t provide excellent finished work. Here, we will discuss the must-have tools that are needed by all house painters.

Let’s start with the Basics of House Painters

The most essential tools for cutting and trimming paint are Paint Brushes of an angled 21/2 inch brush. You should always look for the outstanding quality brands, such as Benjamin Moore, Wooster and Purdy, etc. The Purdy brushes are costly, but they maintain their shapes even after many years if you take care of them properly. That’s why you must have proper paintbrush cleaners along with a 1” and a 2.1” Purdy Brushes.

With paintbrush comes the paint rollers that are versatile and allow you to cover more area than paintbrushes.  Quintessentially, a roller should have a 9 inch cover with a synthetic core. They are best for painting drywalls and ceilings. Compared to a brush, a roller works much smoother and quicker. The “HomeRight Ez-Twist Paint Stick” is a remarkable set of rollers that save your time, but the cleaning up is a little time- consuming.

The Three Essentials for House Painting:

  • Painter’s Tape: It’s a necessary tool for all house painters to get a clean line. ScotchBlue Tape has a significant name in the market because of their constant research and development of new products. It lasts for 15 to 30 days.
  • Extension Pole: With an extension pole, the roller seems redundant. If you have an extension pole, all you need to do is to paint with that because it gets the job done faster and coat the paint even in the farthest corner of the ceiling or other higher places where a paintbrush or roller can’t go.
  • Paint Pail: A small paint bucket with a handheld system is called the paint pail, which is an effective tool in house painting. The Handheld Paint Pail is light to carry on the ladder to paint the outdoor trims. The paint pails have magnets inside it, for not letting the brush fully immersed in the paint, and the small cups with handles finally get you the flawless trims that you wished.

What about the other Tools?

There are several new painting tools in the market, and it is difficult to choose the right one that offers maximum benefits. Painting remover rags, drop cloth, sandpapers, wall cleaners are one of the few necessities.

Sprayer Tip Extensions are one of the most important tools you could ever have as it attaches to your sprayer gun just like a normal extension. However, it gives you 10 to 30 inch of spare room to maximize the spray range. As it allows you to spray paint the harder to reach peaks, ceilings and recessed areas, it saves you from moving your ladder constantly which saves you time.  

Plastic roller trays and clear buckets are must-have with professional house painters. We don’t want to use metal because the colour sticks to the material while cleaning it up. Finally, we need a sturdy ladder of six-foot fibreglass or aluminium to support your weight.

With “Heavy Duty No-Slip Drop Cloth”, paint roller covers, knife for drywall tape, and basic edger paint with creativity and precision simultaneously. The beauty of designing or colouring your house is where art meets with science. 


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