Essential tools for a welder

Welding is used across multiple industries including automotive ​​​​​​​, construction and engineering. The process uses heat and pressure to join materials.

Any professional welder knows that they can’t do a good job unless they have the right tools and equipment like digital calipers. And there’s more to it than just the machinery. 

Here we’ll take a look at the essential tools that will help you thrive as a welder. 

Safety wear

The most important thing to consider is how you will keep yourself safe and injury free during your welding. There are a number of health risks associated with welding so ensuring you have the right protection is paramount. 

Due to the exposure of fumes and gases, welders should wear proper respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to decrease the risk. Steel toe capped shoes, fire-resistant clothing, gloves and ear protection are also needed. 

Clamps or magnets

Keeping the metal in place while you work is crucial. Using clamps or magnets will grasp the material firmly in place, leaving you free to work safely without having to manually hold anything. Using magnets will also save time, especially with large projects and they can even reduce labour costs. 

There are many different types of magnets available including a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your job. 

Files, brushes and pliers

Files are versatile tools that enable you to remove sharp edges and burrs from the metal to keep it safe to work with as well as helping smooth it down to your desired style. Using a brush throughout the process will help keep it clean and ensure you can see what you’re working with. 

Pliers are multi-functional when it comes to welding and allow you to cut wires and clean nozzles as well as act as a chipping hammer. 

Angle grinder

Perhaps the most obvious piece of kit when we think about welding, a good angle grinder will make light work of any project. These power tools are used for preparing and cutting metal and come in various sizes, making it easy to achieve the result you want. 

Welding cart

As a lot of equipment is heavy and often needs moving around, a welding cart should be considered to assist with the load. Although it won’t make much of an impact to your overall project, it can make the process easier and more efficient for you. 

Marking tools 

Soapstone is often used to mark the point where you need to weld your materials together as this shows up well on metal. A scribe can also be used for this purpose. 

Having a good selection of welding tools in your kit will help facilitate a smooth process and achieve a great result, whatever your project. 

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