Essential Tips To Extend Battery Life Of Solar System

Harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels is one of the most effective and efficient technologies humankind has ever developed. It has many advantages, which makes it a popular choice in domestic households and industries. Solar panels are extremely beneficial in terms of future investments and eliminating carbon footprints. To fully use solar panels, you must also get solar batteries.

Solar batteries from companies like Track Energy help you to store excess energy, which can be used when there’s no sun to power the panels. Moreover, you can sell the energy if they are stored in the batteries. However, to make these last long, you must take certain measures. In this article, we shall discuss some of the essential tips that will extend solar batteries’ lifespan, so continue reading. 

Use Fewer Batteries: Try to limit the usage of more batteries in the bank because if more batteries are used, they will have equal but more connections. Then each connection maximizes the resistance, and the resistance can cause uneven charging of the batteries. So, limit the number of batteries used in the bank, preferably 16 or less than that. 

Rotate The Batteries: If you own a large bank of batteries, periodically rotate the batteries within the bank. This is because batteries in the middle of the bank may not be able to absorb a good amount of charge as the ones on the outside. So, rotating the batteries helps in balancing out the absorption. 

Use Large Batteries: You must use large solar battery interconnect cables if you want to reduce the resistance and set them for even charging. The size of 4/0 cable for 12V and 24V solar systems and 2/0 for 48V systems is appropriate. You can get these large batteries to interconnect cables from stores like Battery Storage Adelaide

Use Them Regularly: You should never leave your batteries uncharged for a long time because if you do so, they will lose their usability. Instead, make sure you leave the charging source on to allow the solar batteries to charge regularly and continuously. Leaving these batteries uncharged may also damage them and reduce their longevity.  

Charge Them properly: You can do nothing but charge your batteries properly. Plus, there is no way to test battery desulfation, which increases their lifespan. However, it’s entirely your decision to use desulfation in your battery and see if it is worth the money or not. 

Allow Boiling Or Gassing: Boiling or gassing is normal for batteries and is a vital part of proper charging. Your solar batteries should gas almost every day. Gassing produces water and hydrogen, which is very important for your battery bank to have enough ventilation to prevent hydrogen buildup. 


Solar batteries are a must now if you own solar panels, as they will store the extra energy, and nothing will go wasted. You can purchase robust quality solar batteries from Track Energy at affordable prices. But it’s also important that you maintain them properly to increase their lifespan and make the most of solar batteries.

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