Essential Tips and Tools for Your Email Campaign

Did you know the average person receives 121 business-related emails each day? That doesn’t even include promotional emails in personal inboxes!

So how you can you make your campaign cut through all the junk?

Managed correctly, an email campaign can still be hugely effective. Read on as we discuss the steps to an effective email campaign.

Build Relationships Without Promotions

Effective email marketing doesn’t just concentrate on promotions. In fact, you should avoid sending constant promotions to inboxes, as many consumers will simply start to ignore them.

Instead, use it to build a reciprocal, trusting relationship. Wish people happy birthday or season greetings. Give them some great news or ask their opinions.

Once you have this open communication, you’ll build loyalty and customers will begin to come back time and time again.

Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is a marketing tactic in which two campaigns are developed. You release a smaller, test campaign of both and look at the results. The one that works best is the one you then carry into your larger campaign.

Testing in this way is one of the best practices for marketing. It can increase the efficiency of your email campaign vastly, improving your return on investment. Try to use it in conjunction with analytics tools incorporated into a software package, such as the WP Mail Pro features.

Make It Easy to Unsubscribe

Sometimes, people just aren’t interested. It’s pointless to keep them on your marketing and email list just for the numbers, as they aren’t quality, engaged customers. In this instance, it helps to just let them go.

Make it easy to unsubscribe from email by using a link. This way, many people will take themselves off of the list. This helps clear the clutter and increases the CTR of your emails.

Optimize the Subject Line

The name and subject lines are extremely important, as they’re the taglines that’ll inform the subscriber’s decision to open the email or not.

Start with the name on the email. This doesn’t just have to be the name of the company, so think about personalizing it and sending it from an individual at your organization.

For the subject line, you need to use language that’ll draw people in. Entice them to open the email by teasing what’s inside. Make it sound interesting, exciting, and crucially, of value.

Segment Email Campaign Customers

Segmentation is one of the vital things to know about any marketing campaign. It’s the process of grouping your leads into categories based on a certain factor, and personalizing the experience to suit them. For example, you may send different types of emails to men and women, or divide them by age.

Get Assistance

In summary, making your email campaign successful does take planning and groundwork. If this is time you don’t have, then get assistance. Hire a specialist company to do this for you to ensure success.

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