Essential Things to Do After a Car Accident in Georgia

With the increasing number of cars on Georgia roads, cases of accidents top the news each day. Being involved in an accident can be traumatizing, though! And your course of action matters. After a collision, you are responsible for ensuring you and the other victim are okay. There are also many other things to do after an accident.

Let’s check them out;

1. Safeguard the scene 

You can stop more accidents by placing flares or keeping your flashers on. A flashlight will keep you safe while you wait in your broken-down vehicle or by the roadside if it is dark and your lamps don’t work. Protecting the scene ensures that the place stays cool.

2. Call the police

It is a good idea to call the police even if there are no significant injuries. Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyers advise accident victims to get a police report at the scene. Unless they impede traffic, ensure that the vehicles involved in the collision stay where they are. 

3. Take pictures

If there is evident damage to the automobiles, you should take photos of them if you have a camera in your car or a cell phone with one. Also, take pictures of any evident injuries but don’t interfere with any police inquiry. Take photos as soon as you can after the accident if you can do so.

4. Write down witnesses 

Obtain the names and contact details of any more witnesses to the collision. This is due to the possibility that some witnesses won’t stay until the cops show up. If so, you can give the police the names of the witnesses so they can get in touch with them. Witnesses help with evidence during court proceedings; your attorney will need their word to build a strong case.

5. Exchange information 

Get the names, locations, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the incident. Ask for insurance cards for all the vehicles involved in the accident to learn more about insurance. If there are any witnesses, you should also speak with them to acquire their full details. 

6. Seek medical attention 

Lastly, after getting all the appropriate information, seek medical attention. Injuries brought on by auto accidents can take time to manifest. You should seek medical assistance at your neighborhood emergency room or by visiting your family doctor unless you are positive you were not hurt.

Common causes of car accidents in Georgia

Although you can’t completely prevent all factors causing automobile accidents, it’s still a good idea you become aware of the main causes that lead to accidents in Georgia. 

  • Distraction

Distracted driving is one of the main factors in car accidents in Georgia today. These distractions include using phones, tuning a radio, or looking outside your window as you drive. Such risky behaviors are increasingly rapidly leading to significant damages in Georgia.

  • Recklessly driving 

Common examples of reckless driving include; speeding and lane changes without indicating. Most road fatalities in Georgia result from aggressive and irresponsible driving. 

Wrapping up

Once you get involved in a car accident in Georgia, protect the scene and inform the police. Moreover, gather all the necessary information and seek medical attention afterward. You can then contact an accident attorney for guidance.


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