Essential things need to know while develop mobile app

What To Look For While Planning For A Budget On-Demand Mobile App

People are getting goods and services at their fingertips in this computer age, all thanks to the mobile internet. Today, you have the power to order anything within just a few clicks on your smartphone, saving your precious time and energy as well! 

Additionally, you will find better availability and a host of products coupled with great offers in the online market. Therefore, on-demand mobile apps created by mobile app development agencies have carved a niche in today’s world. 

Moreover, reports also suggest that the global on-demand service market expects to grow at the rate of 50% between 2020-2024. On-demand mobile apps serve many industries, including food ordering, logistics, healthcare, education, beauty, and many more. 

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However, sticking to the right budget plan will eventually help you:

  • Work out your goals
  • Prevent unnecessary expenses
  • Keep out of debt
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Keep tracking of the progress

Points to consider while planning for an on-demand mobile app

Structure of the app

The app will offer different experiences and functions for each role because the user and the service provider have different requirements. 

The user app will have an interface with features like a search bar for products and services, order history, order tracking, map navigation, pricing details, and more. The cost of developing a basic one can range from $10k-15k

Then there is the service provider app, which has sections used by the vendors like profile, active orders, chat, customer support, and more; the expected price to develop an app which costs around $6k-8k.

Then there is the admin panel which efficiently controls and manages the service providers and users, which costs approx $4-5k.

Identify your market

Today, there are three major markets for on-demand mobile: transportation, food delivery, and home delivery service. After making your decision, focus on the challenges of the particular market rather than wasting efforts on irrelevant issues.

Target your user base

After you have chosen the market, it is now time to research the people that are expected to use your services to provide them with a better experience and convenience. It will include their interests, ages, taste, income, and expectations. Of course, you should also know this and stay updated with the latest market trends.

Decide your app platform

Whether the app will cater to a specific operating system or it will be compatible with multiple operating systems, deciding this would help you a lot. Single platform apps are cheap in cost to develop and faster to use, but they only serve a limited audience. On the other hand, a mobile app development company is a bit expensive compared to a single one but has a larger user base.

Develop in-house or outsource

Developing an app in-house will bring close coordination among the team, thus giving you the freedom to explore and add or remove features as per your demand.

The only problem with in-house is the extra salaries, rent, software licenses, and more.

On the other hand, outsourcing will have any of these problems, but you may not directly be involved in the project.

If you are thinking of outsourcing, first do thorough research about the mobile app development agency based on cost, reviews, quality of service, outsourcing model, and many more factors.

Make a product requirement document sheet

A PRD sheet is basically a list of documents covering the entire app development cycle, each phase’s details, and their expected outcomes. As a result, the PRD sheet will provide you with a better estimation of cost at each stage of the process.

Maintenance costs

It is significant to consider the cost of maintenance for on-demand mobile applications. That is because 20% of the app-building cost will go towards the maintenance of an application. For example, you may need to send push notifications to the users for most on-demand mobile apps. In order to do so, you will need to pay a fee to a third-party vendor.

Cost of updates

Updates ensure that your application is working fine and smooth and offers a superior experience to the users. In regular updates, you can add new technological developments into the application and add new features to keep it significant in the marketplace. Moreover, regular updates will also help you produce more revenue from the application.

Marketing expenditure

Creating awareness and gaining an effective user base is done by marketing. While better marketing will give you a better edge over your competition, marketing should be a focus, and the budget should include the marketing expenditure.

Determine the right features

When it comes to on-demand mobile apps, adding features can cost significantly, and unnecessary features might make it complicated. However, skipping some of the features will make the app boring and even change the app’s usability. Therefore, there should be a balance between essential features and other ones as well.

List of must-have features:

  • User profile
  • Vendor profile
  • Map integration
  • Filters
  • Smooth payment process
  • Comments/ratings/ reviews
  • Query resolution and support like phone, chat, email, etc.

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking of developing an on-demand mobile app for your business from top mobile app development agencies, then the above given are the points that you need to consider. These factors will help you in cutting costs and investing money smartly. In addition, on-demand mobile apps are estimated to generate more revenues for the organizations as customers are looking for instant gratification, quick service, and a better experience.

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