Essential Tech Ideas As To Work From Home

The Coronavirus outbreak has a global spree, affecting the lives of people and economical grounds. Thus, the majority of IT sectors and digital marketing firms have implemented Work from Home policy. This is to reduce any kind of COVID-19 contamination risk. 

Work from Home has become the new norm or routine where most employees are benefiting from it. They are finding it easy to adapt while for others it’s presumably difficult. Problems can emerge only if you are not prepared in terms of using the right technologies for the new normal.

There are certain essential technologies that are perfect for Work from Home mode. If you’ve recently switched to Working from your home and facing a bit of difficulty in adjusting, then here’s a list of top tech ideas that can ease your work.

Top Technologies Useful for Accomplishing Work from Home

Go through the list of technologies if you want your Work from home sessions to be efficient and optimal!

1. Upgrade WiFi Router

One of the most important technologies, such as a WiFi Connection is what Work from Home is dependent on. We use the internet connection to connect to any cloud servers, websites which is impossible without WiFi. 

Furthermore, as many people are using it, the traffic can become congested and produce a bad quality of network connection. For this reason, updating the WiFi connection is advisable as new routers provide dual to tri-band with the ability to have two different networks, precisely 5Ghz and 2.4 GHz. 

That being said, keep the router’s firmware up-to-date because that can improve the performance and ensure implementation of more security protocols. 

2. VPN Services 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides a secure network connection while keeping your IP address isolated from being known to any trackers/hacker. It also protects you and your encrypted data shared among your company through various protocols. 

If you are working from home, then using a VPN is an ideal deal. Interestingly, many companies are not switching to using VPNs which makes remote servers less available to many people. For this, you may need to invest in getting a better VPN with more servers such as NordVPN or VyprVPN. Connect to Laptop Repair facilities if you have trouble setting up a VPN. 

3. USB Hub 

USB docking stations provide you with the ability to connect to many different devices, all at once. This is ideal if you have a laptop device with not many USB ports available or even for setting up multiple options together. 


While using the hub, you will have a wide option of connections like USB type C, HDMI connection, USB Type-A connection including connection for a mouse and a keyboard. Switching to Thunderbolt 3 will grant you the advantage of having two 4K displays working at 60Hz. If you have any difficulties setting up a USB dock, you can refer to Laptop Repair Services. 

4. Upgrade Internet Speed 

While you work from home, it is an absolute necessity to have access to the internet all the time, while providing good speed and stable connection. This can deeply affect your workflow and other aspects depending on how good the speed is. But, to increase the network speed, you’d have to reach out to your Internet Service Providers for updating the Internet Plan. 

However, before you begin to think of upgrading, it is advisable to go through the current plan and note down the download speed. Then, set a benchmark of how fast the connection needs to be based on your work like video editing, large file transferring of telecommunications, and teleconference. 

5. Easy Communication Tools 

Work from Home requires time to time communication with other employees and that can be done through textual communication services. The most common communication platform is email but that requires constant refreshing. Further, there are other difficulties as well, which are time consuming and unnecessary interruption. 

Thus, you can switch to a better platform for instant response through private chats or in group chats. Try application tools like Quip, Slack, or Telegram for this purpose. 

6. AI-Based Smart Assistants

As you know, the growth of Artificial Intelligence is expanding every day with many digital assistants like Amazon Echo, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant on the market. These are virtual assistants that help you whenever needed. 

For example, you can prompt them to wake you up and can even instruct them to follow all the guidelines set by you. This can include calling a contact, sending a particular message to them, writing down notes. 

Having this assistant at home can help you by a long margin. You can do other work while these digital assistants can assist you through the process. To set up these digital assistants, contact any Laptop Repair Services for effective help.  

7. Project Management Software Platforms 

Before the pandemic, regulating work among employees and keeping a check on the progress was easy. Now that the norms have changed, one may find it difficult to coordinate projects assigned to employees and their workflow. 

For this, you can switch to Project Management Software Tools which will give you the ease of access and ability to view and analyze the progress of the projects. This way, you can also boost your employees to try new approaches as you can foresee the difficulties within the said projects. 

8. Video-Calling Platforms 

Work from Home requires periodic discussion which requires video conference. This is because textual communication restricts talking and discussing many issues, parameters, and solutions and is often mistaken for something else. 

Thus, video conferencing is what companies need, to reach out to other employees globally. One of the most popular platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts gives you the benefit of having a virtual face to face meetings with all your employees where you can discuss everything for as long as you want. Although it does not provide the ultimate experience of having a real-time meeting, it is still effective during critical times like this. 


Working from home can be challenging for many, especially those who live alone. Because it requires them to manage other things in the house. But, using these above-mentioned technologies, you can make Work from Home easier and optimized. However, in case of any difficulties with your laptop device, connect to Laptop Repair service for further help and assistant.