Essential supplies that you must always keep in your car

Weather conditions through the year and car insurance in Alberta are linked to each other. Throughout spring and summer there are many thunderstorms and many of these are strong. They are accompanied by high speed winds, rain and even hail which cause extensive damages to cars.

In winters, it is the heavy snowfall and precipitation that makes driving on roads risky. Winters can get very cold in Alberta and this year is not going to be an exception either. The temperature is likely to fall several degrees below zero.

In this weather, before even venturing out in your car, it is advisable to keep certain essential supplies in the car. These are “must haves” and without them you must not even plan to go out anywhere. If you happen to go out, even for a short joy ride, you run the risk of your car having a break-down in a remote place and you being left unprepared and that too without essential supplies.

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These “must have” essential supplies comprise:

Fuel tank must always be full with gas:  

It is a best practice to keep your fuel tank always full. The reason is that you don’t know when you might be required to travel and to how far. Secondly, if you have lost your way or there is a car break-down then you can at least keep the heater on in the car to keep you and your other passengers warm.

Spare tire, jack and wrench should always be handy:

In the event that you have a flat tire, most people usually call their On-Road car assistance service that is available 24 x 7. However, in the event that the weather is bad, or your location is remote, or the service is unreachable, then you must be in a position to replace the flat tire on your own.

For this it is essential that you always check the spare tire regularly and keep it inflated at the required PSI rating. Also, you must know where the equipment is located in your car.

Keep a set of booster cables in your car:

A set of booster cables is helpful when your battery has gone dead and there is no charge left in it. This can happen if you have left your headlights, or interior lights on by mistake. With the help of booster cables you can take a boost from the charged battery of another car and bring your own battery to life again. This is far cheaper than having your car towed by a Pick-Up truck.

Keep blankets and heat packets with you:

This is a “must-have” to protect you from the cold weather. In case your car has broken down and you are waiting for a Pick-Up truck, or for the On-Road car assistance service then you will need blankets and heat packets to keep yourself warm, especially your hands and feet. Although most people prefer to remain in the car and put on the heater, that may not work if you are low on gas.

Keep a First-Aid kit handy:

A first-aid kit is extremely useful in emergencies, especially if you or someone in your car is injured during an accident and it will take a while for medical aid to arrive.

Ensure that there is also a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker in the kit and the location of the kit is prominently displayed within the vehicle compartment. Keeping them in the boot of your car is not a good idea as you will not be able to reach them when they are needed.

Candles, matches and flashlights

These are extremely useful if you are stuck somewhere in the night, or where your surroundings are dark and you need some source of light, either to replace a tire, or to identify breakdown causes in your car. Flashlights are mostly sufficient, but since they can fail, candles serve as good backup source.

Keep a supply of non-perishable foods and fresh water:

Non-perishable foods such as granola bars are extremely useful if there is a breakdown in your car and you are at a remote place with no access to food for a few miles. These food sources keep your hunger at bay and provide you the nourishment you need in order to do your work properly.

 Have an Ice Scraper/ Snow Brush and Shovel in the boot

Keep a small sized ice scraper, snow brush and shovel always in the boot. These will not take up much space but will be of immense use in case there is excessive snow that is blocking your view or if you get caught up in a snow bank and need to come out of it.

Small bag of sand or kitten litter

This can be handy if your tires have become slippery as a result of sliding off the road and you are unable to move your car forward. Sprinkling these under the tires will give them enough traction and grip on the road as they are dry and will allow you to move your car easily.

Mobile phone and charger

Needless to say this is the most important article that you need to carry with you in the car when you are going out. Without this you cannot even imagine going out. Always remember also to carry your phone charger, just in case the charge runs out of power during your journey.

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Winters are very severe in Alberta but if you keep your car stocked with these essential supplies mentioned above, especially car insurance Alberta, then you will never run the risk of getting into trouble if your car breaks down or has an accident at any time.

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