Essential Packing Checklist While Traveling In Caravan Across Australia

What clothes should I take on a caravan holiday? What are the different things you will pack for the journey? These are some of the questions that run through the mind of people planning to travel in a caravan across Australia. At home, you have all you need. Even if you don’t, you can easily walk into a shop and get it—or borrow from a friend. For a caravan trip, it is an entirely different ball game. Thinking of the must-have caravan accessories can be a daunting experience. Well, it doesn’t have to be. With our checklist, you can make the entire process easier.

The thought of being out in the middle of nowhere without all the essential supplies that were available at your beck and call at home makes many people pack what they don’t need. Eventually, they find themselves offloading these items on Op Shop for want of space. When putting together your camping accessories for the caravan, you need to consider the storage limit and maximum weight of your tow vehicle. Come to think of it, a caravan is already tight enough, and you don’t want to make it worse. Interestingly, for a caravan across Australia, you may not need as much as you think.

Caravan checklist

While planning for a caravan life, it is easy to be overwhelmed with what you will carry that you forget about the health of the caravan. The last thing you want to experience is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tyre. Here is a checklist for your caravan;

  • Make sure your battery is charging and in good conditions
  • Tyres should have the right pressure—and have a spare or two
  • Brakes should engage and release effectively
  • Ensure your water tanks are full
  • Gas bottles should be secure, turned off, and full
  • Presence of fire safety tools (fire extinguisher, fire blanket, fire alarm)
  • Interior lights are in place and working (keep spare bulbs)

Caravan’s security checklist

The roads can get bumpy. Without the best security, your caravan accessories risk flying around. This impact can damage some of your appliances. In addition to securing your appliances, you also need to secure your caravan from intruders. Below are must-have for your caravan;

  • Hitch lock for caravan
  • Wheel chocks
  • Stabiliser pads
  • Levelling ramps and devices
  • Security lights

Caravan kitchen checklist

When preparing your caravan kitchen for that life-changing tour, you need to strike a balance between comfort and weight. Having the best caravan gadgets of 2021 can help you to conserve space. We all know that newer gadgets are taking a minimalistic design. They are usually more energy efficient in comparison to their older models. For example, some of the latest caravan accessories like a refrigerator can run off a solar system. Also, your choice of gadgets will depend on what you cook. Here is a checklist for your caravan’s kitchen;

  • Coffee maker and cups (if you love to wake up with a fresh coffee blend)
  • Air fryer
  • Baking tray
  • Chopping board
  • Set of kitchen cutlery (knives, spoons, forks) and rack
  • Washing detergent
  • Grater
  • Kettle, pots, and pans
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Toaster
  • Wine opener and glass

Food checklist

When it comes to food, we are only going to make suggestions. You should pack your food depending on what you like to eat. However, some food groups are must-haves for a caravan. Below is a food checklist for your caravan.

  • Oil
  • Spices, pepper, seasonings (better to have them dry and pulverised)
  • Salt, sugar
  • Milk, butter, cheese
  • Flour, biscuits, bread
  • Pasta, noodles
  • Tea, coffee, wine, spirit, beer
  • Egg, meat

Clothing checklist

The type and quantity of clothes you should carry on your journey will depend on the season. Clothing is one of the camping accessories for a caravan that can easily take up huge spaces. If you are caravanning during the summer, there is no need to bring your sweaters or thick blankets. Here is a checklist of the clothes you should bring along;

  • Clothing that can last for seven days (perchance you don’t have time for laundry)
  • Jumper (a maximum of three)
  • Underwear (enough to last you for a week)
  • Swimsuit
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Shoes, boots, flip-flops
  • Jacket (top-notch and super warm)
  • Raincoat (if you are anticipating rain

Caravan bathroom checklist

It’s unwise to crowd all the latest caravan accessories in your bathroom. It pays to keep it simple. Here is a list of must-haves for your bathroom;

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet chemicals
  • Hairbrush,
  • Soap, cream, makeup kit, sunscreen
  • Nail cutter, razor blades, file
  • Female hygiene products

Caravan bedroom checklist

There is always the temptation to carry the best caravan gadgets in 2021 and stuff them in your bedroom. However, you may later find out that you don’t need all of them. Here are some of the basic requirements for your bathroom;

  • Bedsheets (two maximum), top sheet, warm blanket
  • Pillows, pillowcases
  • Bath towel, beach towel

Entertainment checklist

The chances are that you will not be spending all your day in the caravan. Sometimes, you need to step out and have fun. Here is a checklist for caravan entertainment;

  • Barbeque
  • Camping chairs
  • Folding table
  • Insect repellent
  • Bikes, surfboard, fishing gear, snorkelling gear,
  • Binoculars, helmet
  • Playing cards, board games, magazines, books, crossword puzzles

Be sure to include maintenance tools and spare parts like motor oil, brake fluid, fuses, and so on. Saw, axe, and drilling tools can come in handy when you wander into the forest. Finally, throw in a first aid box. From motion sickness to insect bites, a first aid box can be the difference between making it alive to the next adventure.


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