3 Essential Kitchen Tools & Equipment You Need to Get Yourself

There are far too many kitchen gadget stores and homeware online stores that have a plethora of options when it comes to kitchen tools and equipment. As a homeowner or a food enthusiast, seeing the collection so large at stores may be quiet enticing for you. But, even you know that most of the inventions on display aren’t quite as important as the appeal seems. However, there are a few such items; you definitely need in your home kitchens. Here are the few absolutely must-have essential kitchen utensils & gadgets. 

1. Bamboo Drinking Straws

If you are worried about the material waste that we humans are creating while destroying the world and depriving the future generations of resources available to us, then it’s time to change that today. If you or your loved ones use straws on a regular basis, then consider switching over for plastic or metal straws to bamboo drinking straws. The change over from plastic straws is easily understandable. Yes, it’s an eco-friendly shift. On the other hand, metal straws are also a good idea, but they don’t stand the test of time and can erode from corrosion. However, bamboo drinking straws are perfect for drinking water, juices, and even your occasional or regular boba tea. The boba will easily fit through the straw’s hole. So, go for bamboo drinking straws as they don’t spoil quickly, stand the test of time, can be used while drinking anything with pulp or thick boba as well. 

2.Silicone Sponge 

Do you own really expensive kitchen utensils – skillets, pans, etc. made with a very delicate inner lining that cannot withstand any harsh brushes made with metals? If yes, you know what a trouble it is to get deep-frying gunk off them without using these harsh metallic brushes. Then, why not replace them with the best alternative now available on online kitchen utensils & gadgets stores – the double-side bristle brush made with silicone. This brush/sponge is soft, delicate, and made using silicone material. At the same time, it is dense and strong when it comes to cleaning. It also has double-sided silicone teeth that can meet your cleaning needs well. 

3. Faucet Head Booster

The higher you live in your apartment, the higher the chances of water pressure being quite low. If you are into buying food materials from the farmer’s market as opposed to huge big box stores, then the vegetables are fresher and muddier, as they are just off the farm. They aren’t processed or cleaned as thoroughly as the other stores. With the need to thoroughly cleanse food items, there’s a need for high-pressure water sources. However, if you don’t have high-pressure water, then the only tactful solution to that issue is either move to a home that has high-pressure water or buy a faucet head booster. Faucet head booster has the ability to increase your water pressure so much, and it even has a swivel head that rotates 360 degrees and gives the perfect vantage required to clean just about any utensil with ease.