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Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Child Care Center in Adelaide

Regarding Child care Adelaide parents should take the time to research and learn as much as possible about the centre they are considering. Your precious Cargo’s safety, security, and well-being are paramount when selecting a childcare centre in Adelaide. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled this guide covering six essential aspects to consider when choosing a childcare centre. 

Credentials & Experiences of Educators 

Educators play a key role in providing care for your children. Look for centres that employ experienced and qualified staff with qualifications in early childhood education. A good centre will have teachers who are passionate about their work and are driven to cultivate self-discovery through meaningful activities and conversations. At Precious Cargo, the educators are all highly-trained Montessori professionals with an unwavering commitment to your child’s development and well-being. 

Curriculum & Learning Environment 

The curriculum is another important factor in selecting a childcare centre. Look for centres that have structured activities and lessons that are tailored to the age group they serve. Precious Cargo offers a tried-and-tested Montessori curriculum with cooking, cleaning, and horticulture activities to provide an interactive and holistic learning experience. Our bright classrooms are fully equipped with all the necessary educational materials and ample space for free play so children can safely explore their environment. 

Safety & Security Measures 

No matter how safe a facility may appear, ensuring that the centre has adequate safety and security measures is essential. Look for centres with secure entry systems, CCTV cameras and other safety devices. Precious Cargo emphasises safety and security, as we understand your child’s safety is your priority. We have a secure entry system with monitored access, CCTV cameras and strict policies on adult-child interactions for extra peace of mind. 

Testimonials & Reviews 

It’s always helpful to read reviews from other parents who have already experienced the childcare centre. Precious Cargo takes pride in our reputation and is proud to share glowing testimonials from our satisfied families. Our feedback is a testament to the dedication of our educators, the quality of our curriculum and the attention we pay to safety and security. We invite you to read these reviews to see how much parents trust us with their precious Cargo. 

We understand that you’re investing in your child’s future, and we take our responsibility seriously. Precious Cargo is one of the leading centres for child care in Adelaide, and we invite you to come and experience the difference. 

At Precious Cargo, every child should be able to thrive and develop in a secure environment. Get in touch today to learn more about our premium childcare services in Adelaide and see why many parents trust us with their precious Cargo. 


At Precious Cargo, we prioritise the safety and security of your children while providing them with a nurturing learning environment that helps them to reach their full potential. Our experienced group of educators are passionate about providing quality child care in Adelaide, and our tried & tested curriculum allows children to develop essential problem-solving skills. We invite you to read our reviews and contact us today to learn more about our premium service and why parents trust us with their precious Cargo.