Essential Features to Look for in Ecommerce Web Hosting

Ecommerce had been a rising trend in the developed countries of the world almost half a decade back. However, now it has established itself even in the developing and underdeveloped countries of the world, and COVID-19 has played an important role in this regard. So, if you are deciding to start an eCommerce business, the conditions are ripe for you.

Before starting an eCommerce business, you need a website as well as a hosting service to make your websites go live so that the target audience can access them smoothly. If you did not own an eCommerce or simple website in the past, you might not have enough knowledge about hosting services. Knowing about the specific features, you must ensure in your plan can provide substantial support in making a wise decision.

Dig deeper into this article to get your hands on the essential features to look for in eCommerce web hosting.

Top 7 Features You Must Consider in Ecommerce Web Hosting

If you have been observing the trendsetters or potential competitors before starting your eCommerce venture, do not assume that following their practice will earn you success. You will have to meet your fair share of challenges to stand tall and unbothered, and the biggest challenge/lesson in the process is opting for the right eCommerce web hosting service and plan.

Here are some of the major features that you must consider while opting for an eCommerce web hosting service.

1. File Storage and Bandwidth

The first feature that you must consider in eCommerce web hosting is higher file storage and bandwidth. The eCommerce websites specifically need to add more product images and videos for the ease of consumers. It can require more storage space, and the need can surge at any time. Due to this, many eCommerce website owners consult Dubai hosting service providers in order to get a perfect plan that caters to their file storage and bandwidth needs.

2. Uncompromised Technical Support

The next essential feature that you must ensure while finalizing your eCommerce web hosting plan is uncompromised technical support. The users and potential consumers will be visiting your website round the clock, so it should be perfectly functional at all times. Having technical support onboard will help you offer reliable service round the clock and fix issues as soon as they emerge.

3. Foolproof Security

Ecommerce websites often gather the personal information of the consumers like their name, address, contact numbers, credit card details. If these details get leaked, they can be used for numerous types of criminal activities. So, eCommerce websites are always susceptible to security threats, which can hurt their image and consumer base. Make sure to invest in a service that promises foolproof security to avoid any type of security threat or loss.

4. Scalability Options

Another significant feature that you should consider before finalizing the eCommerce web hosting plan is the scalability options. There are more chances that your eCommerce website will get hit in a month, and you will need to show more products and services, as well as accommodate huge user traffic. You should always be prepared for this by investing in a plan which promises better salability options and takes care of your needs.

5. Guaranteed Uptime

One of the most crucial features you should look for in eCommerce web hosting plans is the guaranteed uptime. A downtime of even ten minutes can cause a loss of millions to a successful website like amazon. Even if you are not on the same level of success, the downtime can cause you a loss which will be huge for your scale. So, never settle for a plan that does not guarantee uptime.

6. Automatic Regular Backups

Another crucial feature that you must ensure in your eCommerce web hosting plan is automatic and regular backups. Backups are necessary to save the critical website data that can be lost in security attacks or website crashing due to any reason. Manual backups can take too much time and effort. So, invest in a plan that offers automatic and regular backups without potential issues.

7. Developer Friendly Environment

Lastly, make sure to invest in a web hosting plan that provides a developer-friendly environment. You may have to make changes to the website, software, or add plugins according to the requirements and responses of users. It can become tricky if your plan does not support the changes. You can consult Dubai hosting service providers and get a plan that is perfect for your needs and requirements and promises a developer-friendly environment.

Make sure to check the features before finalizing!

Having knowledge of essential features required for eCommerce web hosting is not enough. Treat it as a checklist and mark the features your and finalize the pricing and plan only when you get all the features. Make sure to consult the professional hosting providers for better guidance, support, and additional perks which can add to the profitability of your website.