Essential Fall Accessories

Every fall there are new fashion trends. This fall is going to stand out for super-sized accessories. Everything from hats to boots is going to be big. 

The London Look

Accessory styles in the UK are going to stick to traditional items for the most part. Oversized carryall bags with interesting designs will be popular. Belts will be skinny and skip the oversized craze.

One big item that will be seen in London is padded sandals. It looks like until winter hits, sandals will be in style with some warmth from below due to the layer of fleece, but nothing to protect toes. That’s where this season’s pretty socks will need to make an entrance. 

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Your Head

Whether you call them snoods or balaclavas, fashionist as will be wearing them on their heads. They are meant to cover your entire head like a close-fitting hat and then extend down your neck in an extended way.

Some will resemble the traditional knitted ski mask, while others are more stylish and mimic Little Edie of Grey Garden’s look. Snoods will certainly keep you warm but what happens to your hair when you take them off?

Your Face

Masks have become a common sight and it seems that someone decided they could also become fashion statements. This fall, the masks will flow down the front of your clothing, some to your knees. 

They will be made of a silky material and should make everyone look slightly exotic and mysterious. These fashion accessories should also help keep your face warm.

Just so your eyes don’t feel left out, there will be goggles this fall. That’s right, goggles. Some of this fall’s goggles will look like miniature ski goggles, while other will cover your entire upper face like a diver’s mask. 

It seems like the idea is to have no part of your head showing at all. Although if it’s a snowy, cold winter this could be a good thing.

Your Feet

Feet and legs will definitely get a boost in height. However, one look has no part of the foot showing, while another exposes toes. 

Platform shoes and boots seem to be back. Some of the platform boots actually turn into leggings or tight pants, meaning that legs and feet are completely covered in the same materials. This combo looks cool but seems ridiculously hard to put on and take off. 

Padded platform sandals, already mentioned above, can be just as high as the boots but are open on the top. The big difference, of course, is that you’ll have to stop wearing the sandals when temperatures drop.

Another blast from the past is the moon boot. In case you weren’t yet born when the first moon boot craze happened in the 1980s, they are giant padded boots that resemble what astronauts wore when they walked on the moon.

The good thing about moon boots is that they keep your feet very warm and make it easy to walk in the snow. The bad thing is that they are heavy and hard to walk with on dry pavement. Also, they are really not that attractive.


Not much of your face will show if you use more than one of these accessories at once, but fall makeup will be in rosy shades from pink to terra cotta. This goes for everything from lips to eyeshadow.

A big eyebrow trend that is simple to do is the soap brow. All you need to achieve it is to rub an old toothbrush over a bar of soap, then brush your brows straight up. The soap will make them stay that way all day, even under goggles.

New fashion accessories are always fun to try. This year there is a lot of whimsy involved so have fun with them.