Essential Elements of Writing a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most increasingly and heavily trafficked websites in the world. Due to the reliability and authenticity of the information available on this platform about millions or even more topics, Wikipedia is certainly one of the most popular online virtual encyclopedias in the world.

Now, Wikipedia pages or articles are not only popular because of their ability to offer information but in fact, they are also popular because these Wikipedia pages or articles are much more than just a source of information as well. These wikipedia pages or articles are also considered as a source and tool for marketing as well. Many individuals and business organizations or brands are using Wikipedia pages as a tool for marketing these days, which by the way are also considered an excellent way of creating awareness and increasing brand awareness along with many other benefits as well.

Over the years, business organizations or brands along with many individuals such as celebs, athletes and other artists, who are trying to make a name for themselves, have been using Wikipedia pages to help them secure their goals and objectives. Now, most people and business organizations prefer to hire professional companies or agencies that offer and deliver Wikipedia page creation services. Others usually try and create these pages themselves.

However, creating wikis yourself is not exactly called a walk in the park. It is exceptionally difficult and to top it all off, getting your Wikipedia pages approved is not a joke either. Each Wikipedia page is strictly reviewed by the Wikipedia community before it can go live When a particular Wikipedia page or article is submitted, it first goes through the review and screening process and after that, if the page is approved, only then it can go live on the platform officially.

See, there are certain things or aspects of Wikipedia page writing that each Wikipedia page writer or editor must take care of because without taking care of these aspects, your Wikipedia pages quite simply will not be able to go live. Here are some essential elements for you take care of, when writing for Wikipedia.

Conflict of Interest

When you talk about writing a page or an article for Wikipedia then you first need to understand and comprehend the fact that Wikipedia does not allow any biasness. Therefore, if you are trying to create a page and write on a topic such as your own biography or you want to create and write for a page that is about your own business organization, then according to the conflict-of-interest policy of Wikipedia, this virtual encyclopedia will not allow you to publish your page or article on the platform.

See, it is quite natural for a writer or page creator to lose sight of objectivity while writing about something that is close to them personally. This is something, which may compromise the reliability and authenticity of the information that is presented on the page or article and thus, Wikipedia does not allow this. So, if you ever want a page or article written about you on Wikipedia, try to get someone else to do it for you because then it may actually have a much higher chance of being approved.  


When it comes to offering and delivering information on a Wikipedia page or article then you need to understand and comprehend the fact, that as a writer on Wikipedia you must ensure that all the information that you are presenting on the page is provided and delivered in a neutral point of view. Now, when you say that all the information must be delivered in a neutral point of view then it actually refers to the fact that if you are writing a page or an article about a topic, which may consist of information about which there are more than one school of thought, then you must ensure that you are providing information about all the schools of thought in your page or article. Furthermore, you must also ensure that you simply, cannot get show any kind of biasness or inclination towards any theory or idea in any school of thought because Wikipedia is a platform that offers unbiased information that is supported by facts.

No Promotional Content

While most business organizations or brands or even individuals such as artists or celebs are using Wikipedia pages or articles as a means to market themselves and create awareness in their target audience along with engaging their target audiences but at the same time, all this is done in accordance with the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. See, according to the content policies of Wikipedia, this virtual platform clearly states in its content policies that Wikipedia is not a place for promotion or advertising and that nothing of this sort is allowed on this platform. Therefore, you must ensure that your content is not promotional in any sense.

Nancy Yates

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