Essential Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Homestead

The Homestead Act of 1862 has caused many people today to seek to live to be fully self-reliant on the land around them. Things such as growing your food crops and raising animals are common activities that homesteaders participate in daily.

Are you looking to make the transition into homesteading, and what to start a homestead? We’re here to help below; you’re going to find some useful tips that will help spread your roots deeper than you could’ve imagined.

Survey Your Land

Before you move forward with starting a homestead, the first thing you need to do is survey your land. The reason for this is there are going to be areas of your land that are more beneficial for planting crops and other areas that are not as forgiving.

You’ll also need to think about where you want to begin your homestead if you haven’t already settled on the land you wish to purchase. Things like whether you own or rent the property that you want to homestead on can help to make many decisions in the future.

List Your Ideas

When you begin your homesteading project, there will be tons of things that you want to get started on right away. We recommend creating a list of projects that take priority and others that aren’t as pressing right now.

By making a list, you can ensure you’ve got the funds and resources needed to complete each task you’ve set out to do. For example, if you want to create your gardening space, you might want to place that at the top of your list and get some Pro Gardening Help.

This is useful, especially if you’re unsure which herbs, veggies, and food needs to be planted during each season.

Always Be Willing to Learn

There’s never going to be a time when you know everything there is to learn about homesteading, and that’s the beauty of it all. You’ll constantly be learning and evolving as a homesteader.

When starting your homestead, always be open and willing to learn new things, whether it’s trial and error from the land or listening to the advice that others have to offer you.

Start Off Small

It’s easy to look at what other homesteaders have accomplished and want that kind of success out of the starting gate. But, one thing you’ve got to remember is they’ve been at it for longer than you have and had to learn quite a few things as well.

Instead of starting a large homestead from the beginning, we recommend that you start small. As you continue to get the hang of your land and understand each growing season, you can slowly upscale your homestead.

How to Start a Homestead 101

How to start a homestead is a wonderful way to dive headfirst into the research it takes to create your own. One thing you’re going to want to do is to survey your land first and don’t ever be afraid to learn something new.

We hope this article grew on you and provided the information you needed about your homestead. Check out some of our other posts by continuing to scroll through this section.

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