Essential Accessories for Smoking At Home

When it comes to smoking accessories, there are some for smoking on the go and others better suited for smoking at home. These days we’re all mostly staying home so we have time to indulge in slower and possibly more relaxing habits. Hey, some of us have time to try out new, high tech desktop vaporizers or just bring back the old rolling hands and try something old school. Whatever the case, smoking at home is generally the best option, regardless of any external circumstances.


So what are the essential smoking accessories to have at home? The list could be endless for some, but we can narrow it down to a few essentials, like a grinder, a tray, a storage box, and of course, cleaning supplies.


A grinder is a simple instrument used to literally grind dry herbs so they are easier to smoke. They are generally round or cylindrical in shape and come with a variety of chambers and little extras depending on your preferences. When it comes to staying at home, we can go for a more sophisticated grinder like the Claudious9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder. It’s the perfect combination of a traditional grinder with new modern technology to ensure 0 wasting of your dry herb material.


If you’d rather have something that doesn’t involve batteries, you could go for any of the 4-piece grinders that help separate unwanted material from your final smoking product. And if you’d like to keep the environment safe and have an eco-friendly product, there are actually biodegradable grinders for sale. Take your pick!


There’s nothing mysterious about a tray. It’s a tray: A flat surface, usually with some sort of rim, for you to put your ground dry herbs before packing your piece. It’s also the ideal place for doing some mixing if you so choose. You could use a plate, but a cool tray will also be a decorative piece, so go ahead and invest. You deserve it!

Storage Boxes

We all need to store our material. When on the go, we’d probably choose a small, compact container for storage, but at home, we can have something bigger, with space for a variety of items. This type of smoking accessory is abundant in the market, from humidity-controlled containers to vacuum containers and simple boxes, smoking accessory boutiques have plenty of options for every taste. Some boxes even combine functionalities including the lid as a try and customizable sections inside the storage area like the Marley Natural Storage Lock Box that not only stores everything you need, but also has a built in tray and looks beautiful anywhere you put it. It even has space for your cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Supplies

No home kit is complete without cleaning supplies. Dry herbs are best experienced when smoked in a clean piece, so cleaning is definitely essential. A basic cleaning kit includes a solvent usually made from alcohol, salts, and some pipe cleaners or resin rags. You can purchase there individually at any smoking accessory boutique or you can get a complete kit that comes with everything you need.


So, is your home ready and up-to-date for enjoying your smoking experience to the maximum?