Essay Writing: Ways College Students Can Prevent Plagiarism

Ways College Students Can Prevent Plagiarism

When you borrow other people ideas while writing essays, as a good writer you should cite where you got the information so that your tutor or the reader to get a deeper experience with the text. Citing is a way to add to the collective memory of humans. When we use other people’s ideas and fail to acknowledge them, it is said that we have not only kidnapped their ideas but also disrupted their collective memory. But we cannot avoid using other people’s ideas but we have to make sure we avoid failing to give credit.

Before looking at the many ways in which we can avoid Plagiarism or using other people’s ideas as though they are our own. It is very vital to have learners know that having a good grade comes from acquiring skills that show how these grades were acquired. It is also very crucial to have students research and write their ideas before they can have them on paper.

Reading through the source, internalizing it and having what you have understood written on paper could be very effective in making sure you prevent plagiarism thus submitting original essays.

Why Students Submit Plagiarized Essays

There are so many reasons why students find it easy to submit copied work.

‚ÄĘ           One of the main reasons is being assigned something similar to what they can comfortably find on the internet.

‚ÄĘ           Another excuse student give for submitting plagiarized work is when they have a wrong attitude towards the course, lack the skills and time to engage in research. These excuses are some of the reasons why students find it easy to keep up with their peers.

‚ÄĘ           Students also have a busy schedule with more than one assignment from different courses to accomplish, still have extracurricular activities to engage in, meet with friends, and have time for family and study for exams. Leaves them with one option, which is to plagiarize assignments because they do not want to be left behind by their peers.

‚ÄĘ           In addition, most institution do not take students through what is expected of them from the beginning of the semester concerning plagiarism. They lack student support systems where students can engage tutors or resources that can guide them to avoid plagiarism.

‚ÄĘ           Finally, many assignments with close deadlines of which cannot be procrastinated. Those with money find an easy way out by ordering from essay writing service, but the unlucky ones copy what they think is similar to what they have been asked to do. However, this situation can still be dealt with.

How to Prevent Plagiarism


To begin with, one way to prevent plagiarism while writing essays is by taking students through how to avoid plagiarizing already established content. Students should be taught how to cite when using other people’s ideas because most times plagiarism happens because students are not aware of how to cite properly. Having students aware of them most common styles of citation can reduce the trend of plagiarism.

One simple rule to make sure that you prevent plagiarism is to always remember that; any composition you have not done personally must be cited. Both, inside the text and further incorporated in a reference section. For example, if a student is presented with an essay of ‚Äėviolence in media‚Äô, they can read through a variety of researches and probably wish to use a passage from Rhodes article of ‚ÄėHollow claims about fantasy violence‚Äô. In using a passage from this source, students must include the name of the author and the year of publication at the end of the passage to show that these ideas are borrowed.

How to cite properly

There are so many ways to make sure that you cite properly;

  • First option, use a direct quote and cite it. In using a source, one can be sure to avoid plagiarism by using a direct quote from the source and have it followed by the name of the author and the year of publication.
  • Second option, paraphrasing the quote. Other students prefer to use the same exact words in the quote and follow it with a citation. But another effective way to avoid plagiarism is by reading the quote, understand it and have it written in your own words and still followed by the name of the author and the year of publication.
  • Option three, explain the quote. In explaining the quote, one can make sure the citation comes before the real quote in full explanation and still have it followed by a citation.
Periodic draft submission

Secondly, as a tutor ensure students submit drafts of their final work and by doing so, student will be able to take as much time as possible to engage in research.

Learn how to check plagiarism.

It would be constructive if teachers show students how they can check for plagiarism on their own using internet software. Turnitin software is one example of an online checker that helps minimize the instance of plagiarism by running through the document highlighting the different areas that have been plagiarized.

In addition, students can also be taught note taking strategy which is beneficial in writing original assignments. Note taking together with the methods listed above could save students more time and have them understand clearly what is expected of them.