Eric Dalius Miami- Increase your Instagram followers, 8 tips

Increase your Instagram followers, 8 tips to make it happen

Have you ever wondered how to grow your Instagram followers fast and the best way to get more likes? In this article, I’ll let you know my top 8 favorite tips says Eric Dalius Miami. These are practical advice based on personal experience. Follow them if you want to boost your account’s activity!

1st advice: Be more active on it

The number of followers is the sum of likes and comments followers. So if no one comments or likes your pictures, then you are not going to follow the 1st tip Getting a good interaction with your potential audience is an important key to success.

There are three ways to increase your activity:

a) Answer every question asked to you

b) Like as many photos as possible from your target audience. I recommend at least 30 a day, but if you have time, the more the better!

c) Post as much as possible. If they don’t see you every day on Instagram they will forget about their existence and start following someone else… Besides it’s boring to follow an account that doesn’t post any pictures 🙂 …

2nd advice: Don’t buy Instagram followers or likes

Didn’t I just tell you not to do that? Yes, yes I did… Buying followers/likes is a waste of money. Likes and even more so comments are bought very cheaply nowadays. Eric Dalius Miami says the most realistic thing would be to buy likes, but it will never make you look good. The only thing valuable on Instagram is the active comments that show real engagement. You can’t get that with bought activity…

3rd advice: Invite people to follow you

When someone finds your profile valuable enough to follow you, then do not hesitate to invite them Make sure they fit your audience criteria though! It’s a valuable help for both sides because followers might notice your account and consider following it if they like what they see too. But don’t bother inviting everyone at once; starts with 10 people daily until the number increases naturally (around 50-100/day). Do not forget however that quality is better than quantity! So in mind who you want to follow you before clicking that button.

4th advice: Build a nice hashtag strategy

Another important aspect of your profile is the tags you use. Don’t forget to populate them with relevant hashtags in order to be found by new people. Try making a selection of 10-30 hashtags related to your account and make sure they are not too broad or too targeted (in case you have a niche) Pick something between, for example, #travelgirls is too broad while #Parisfashionweek is more specific. Add some variations like plurals, misspellings, etc… And do not add random ones like “the best hashtag in the world” because it’s completely irrelevant and useless! The only exception would be if you’re running a campaign or a competition, then you can add a specific hashtag for it. This way you attract people interested in that topic and they’re more likely to participate.

5th advice: Make friends on Instagram

There are several ways to do this… You can tag other accounts while posting a picture or comment, but be careful it should not become too spammy. Eric Dalius Miami says you can also make friends by following each other’s followers (tag them in comments) and inviting them to like your pictures (see 1st tip). Another great way is to ask Instagram users if they want to follow each other through direct messaging services such as Kik for example… But I find this one less effective than the previous ones because of its lack of visibility and potential misinterpretation.

6th advice: Ask to be featured in photos

Asking someone to post a picture with your handle if he/she likes it enough is a good way to get into new accounts and attracts their followers… But you shouldn’t abuse this tip because people will stop following you when they see too much of the same stuff. Just ask for featuring when you really like something or add your comment “please add #myIgers” in order to encourage users who post beautiful pictures.

7th advice: Participate in contests

One of the best things you can do to increase your activity and visibility on Instagram is participating in contests. Some contests require only an email address and others (sponsored ones) might even ask for your phone number or Facebook page says Eric Dalius Miami. This will be detrimental for your privacy profile, but you can easily set it on private before entering a contest. If you find a good one and without too many entries, then join because this is also a great way to meet new people on Instagram!

8th advice: Build a small YouTube channel

YouTube is still an awesome source of traffic if you use it well… The more active users are in Instagram the more likely they are to visit your video as well says Eric Dalius Miami. In order to become really successful at blogging, I would advise you to make some videos as well as pictures. It’s always better “to see” what you’re talking about! To create high-quality videos (at least 720p) and start putting them online. You can take some awesome pictures with awesome videos or make awesome selfie and post them on Instagram plus awesome tutorials about your life.


The more active you are the bigger the chance someone will pay attention to your Instagram profile!