Era of Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Devices in Thailand

Do you know that rats are a big problem in Thailand? There exist two forms of rats that are the chief source of concern in Thailand. You must be thinking about which rats are being highlighted, so, basically, the first one is the Brown Rat which is also termed as a common rat and the other is the Black Rat which is known as a sewer rat, and both the rats are universally found at private homes as well as business property. Usually, black rats are found in the coastal municipalities and in the urban environments across Thailand. Similarly, the brown rats are observed more to be at ground-level areas, mostly burrowing, but in some cases, they can be recognized to climb. It is an important problem that requires immediate solution, and for this let’s learn about the remedy in terms of ultrasonic rat repellent.

What is Ultrasonic Rat Repellent? 

The ultrasonic rat repellent, or เครื่องไล่หนู in Thai, is famous for using sound that helps to signal rats in Thailand. Their sound waves are inaudible to human beings but are the most frustrating for rats. There are two forms of ultrasonic rat repellent devices;

•         In-door Ultrasonic Repellents

•         Out-door Ultrasonic Repellents

Now let’s look at the two major devices, so, basically, the Indoor Ultrasonic Devices are plugged into a typical wall socket which is similar in dimension to that of a plug-in freshener. Waves that are produced by such repellents cannot permeate walls, which shows that more than one unit can be required to deal with indoor issues. The other type as mentioned above is the Outdoor Ultrasonic Repellents which are fundamentally known to be small transmitters that are combined with stakes and are powered by the solar cells, and with which the individuals can drive the stakes into the ground.

Coverage of Ultrasonic Rat Repellents 

Ultrasonic Rat Repellents comprise limited ranges. It is observed that most of the waves generated can travel up to a range of about 40 feet but can be more until they come across a structure or an object.

Ultrasonic Rat Repellent as a part of Rat Control

In the era of technological advancement, an ultrasonic rat repellent can be the best way to repel rats from homes, offices, restaurants, businesses, or warehouses. Such repellents are cheap, environmentally friendly with no risk to humans. Such devices can be expensive but can turn out to be long-lasting because they depend on electric or solar power in order to produce waves or audio tones. If you are building traps for rats or digging other possible ways to deal with the problem of rats, then also add the ultrasonic waves because when a blend of ideas of tricking the rats is made, then they can easily be caught. An efficacious rat control strategy can help the masses to a great magnitude as this would provide ease of living and work in accordance with one’s own ways.


Amazed by the details? Let’s sum up the discussion, it is true that in order to have a safe and healthy lifestyle, it is really essential to ensure that we live in a tidy environment where adults and kids can feel themselves in harmony with the ambiance. Are you thinking the same? Are you fed up with the rowdy sound of rats? No need to worry because the remedy we originated is that the new tools can help us in a number of ways such as ultrasonic rat repellents. Now you may not stress as it can come out as a supporting tool. Are you thinking of buying the ultrasonic rat repellent? Do share your experience once you buy as this would provide guidance to people in surroundings through which they can live a life of comfort.