Equipoise Cycle, Dosage, And Stacks

Wanna be as strong as a bull? Oh, sorry, as a horse! You came to the right place. You just can’t get a guide on EQ without seeing mentions that it was a horse steroid in its early days. Here’s how to take a HUMAN equipoise cycle, with the dosage, stacks, pros and cons and other tips. 

What is Equipoise And How It Works

Equipoise or Boldenon, or hell a lot of other names is an anabolic steroid of injectable type. Some may regard it as a long lasting version of a Dianabol. A lot of chemical stuff is coming right ahead! The steroid is a Dianabol molecule devoid of the 17-alpha-methyl group. Chemically, Boldenone is a testosterone molecule that has a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. Initially, the drug was created as long-acting Methandrostenolone, but as a result of research, AAS was obtained with completely different characteristics (despite the structural similarity).

EQ is one of the oldest formulas on the market. It was registered 5 years after the end of WW2. Due to its specific properties it can be used as a bulker, a cutter or just as a milder version of testosterone. Initially it was used to cure severe diseases of tissue loss like osteoporosis, then, for some magic reasons EQ teleported to a completely different market and became horse steroid. Not a treatment for asthma, a real steroid for sport horses. Amazing, right? Now, it is still produced for animals like cattles, dogs and horses and is known as a steroid for humans. As for the steroid profile, the equipoise cycle is unharmful for the liver because it is injectable. The levels of progestogenic activity and estrogenic activity are very low / moderate and low / moderate, respectively. The androgenic effect is relatively small, only 50% of testosterone. But the anabolic effect is already better – 100% of testosterone.

Equipoise Benefits

Firstly, the equipoise cycle will provide you with a significant muscle growth effect along with fat loss. If you will train right and eat healthy food and take EQ you can gain approximately 14 kilos of muscle with a 12-week cycle of this drug. Moreover, equipoise gives you energy boost, so you will train harder and with more patience gaining even more results. Along with your hard training your metabolism will also increase, so you will live even faster. Finally, EQ can be easily stacked with other gears to avoid its side effects and give you even more effects. 

Equipoise Side Effects

EQ is still a dangerous thingy, despite its mildness, don`t forget about that. It can send you back to the times when you were a ridiculous teen. Anabolic EQ activity gives you muscles but you pay the price of androgenic activity which increases skin oil production, giving you acne all over your body again, but especially on the face and back. Equipoise also suppresses your natural testosterone levels, destroying your libido. 

What a beautiful moustache! Oh, you`re a woman, oops. This is one of the side effects for the beautiful half of society. Quickly shave them off and read more about virilization, which can be caused by EQ. Deeper voice sounds really sexy, like you`re that jazz singer, but henceforth be careful with anabolic steroids, mlady. Finally, the scariest side effect suitable for both sexes is organ damage. A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness confirmed that using EQ steroid injections altered the size, shape, and function of the kidneys in bodybuilders. So, with this one you need to be extremely vigilant and do not forget to make your post cycle therapy. Yeah, the side effects aren’t the strong side of any anabolic steroid but despite the fact of their existence don`t forget about the beautiful lean look which you can receive using them. 

Stacks And Cycles

It’s perfect stack gear because it suppresses your sex hormone-binding globulin, so you have more free testosterone. The effective dosage of the drug ranges from 300 to 800 mg. during the week. The course of the drug in the case of using a solo combination or with other drugs is no more than 10-12 weeks. As we already know, the equipoise cycle can be combined with other drugs depending on your purposes. Here’s a sample of the cycle for cutting including equipoise, stanozolol, primobolan. The main disadvantage is increased appetite, which causes discomfort when drying. From the first to tenth week take simultaneously 400 mg of equipoise and primobolan EW, 30 mg of stanozolol along with tamoxifen 20 mg ED. Eleventh week is a break, but still take stanozolol and tamoxifen. From the twelfth week start your PCT with 10 mg of stanozolol each day + and 20 mg of tamoxifen also each day.


Despite it`s mildness from the first sight, equipoise is still a good compound for bulking and cutting, which is greatly mixed with other gears giving you even more effects with low side effects. You still need to do a health check before starting the cycle and after you make it, just to check your testosterone levels and give other proof that pct really works.