Vehicle Service Type: Truck

Material: Polypropylene

Color: Black

Brand: TN TrunkNets Inc

Fastener Type: Hook

  • Comfort

It is only human that you would want to get car accessories that would add to a more seamless everyday car experience. Thus, if you have or are looking to buy a truck and are based in the USA, this cargo net is for pickup. It brings you top comfort with storage, protection, and conveyance of your stuff as a truck owner. The envelope style trunk mesh cargo net for Chevy Silverado gives you a wholesome experience with your truck.

  • Efficient Storage System

The envelope-style cargo trunk net makes life a lot easier for you. All your belongings and truck stuff are efficiently kept in a place where it is held safely and properly. The trunk net is a premium trunk organizer and storage that would assist greatly with keeping your things in a single place. Thus, you would not have to bother about space cluttering in your pickup. Not only that, but other issues like your belongings rolling in the truck or liquid spilling all over your car would be adequately prevented.

Further, these nets are great holders for your large, fragile, and rounded objects. They are strong enough to hold up to 1000 LBS. So, if you are looking to keep your groceries in the truck after shopping or loading up your traveling items before you hit the road, these cargo nets are a great asset.

  • Durability

This cargo net for pickup is not haphazardly made. It was carefully and custom-crafted for each Chevrolet model. And it is made with the best materials that are 20% more durable than other models in the market. Not only so. The truck bed net for Chevy Silverado is also made with enhanced elasticity for safe keeping of your goods and making room for more. This claim has been crash-test approved.

In addition, this car trunk net complies with all manufacturing standards. And they bear a 1-year warranty upon purchase.

  • Easy Installation

You do not need to stress about stretching the cargo nets. That is, installation is very easy. You can attach them easily to the mounting points in the cargo area. And here is an interesting fact, the net folds flat when not in use. The material for this net is polypropylene of black color. That makes it easier to install and attach to the pickup mounts. That is, the envelope style trunk mesh cargo net for Chevy Silverado accessories WT LS LT LTZ 2013-2022 can easily fit on all models of pickups you use it on.

  • Trusted Brand

TrunkNets has held its place in the market over the years as a reliable brand for cargo nets. We comply with manufacturing standards to give all truck owners a premium experience with tidiness and cleanliness. We also do this with a safety-first rule that primarily ensures that our nets are non-toxic. Also, they come with a warranty. Thus, you can get a good quality truck bed net for Chevy Silverado without fear of substandard production and use.