Entrepreneurship in the Eyes of Emanuele Briganti

Emanuele Briganti has made a name for himself by stamping his authority in the fashion industry through GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. Celebrities, businessmen, CEOs, and athletes around the world are avid fans of GuidoMaggi shoes that make you taller that allow them to gain a few inches in height from these shoes.

How did Emanuele come up with all this magic?

Out of the box

One of the best reasons for creating a product or service is to solve an existing problem. For Emanuele, the problem was his height of 1.75m that was short-changing him in his modeling career. He solved this problem by creating GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men but these were not just any raised shoes in the market.

Briganti wanted to create something out of the box of the normal and low-quality elevator shoes that were in the market. As such, he did his research and made attempts here and there before settling for the raised insole that features in his line of luxury elevator shoes. The raised insole sits discreetly inside the shoe such that the height increasing effect is not outrightly visible to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. This means that people can now wear elevator shoes comfortably without the fear of being ridiculed for increasing their height through shoes.

This out of the box and problem-solving quality of Emanuele was noticed and praised by Giorgio Armani when the two designers met in Milan. Giorgio Armani is a fan of elevator shoes seeing as he stands at a height of 1.72m hence the height boost definitely goes a long way for him as he pairs his favorite GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men with the famous Giorgio Armani unstructured jacket.

Hands-on effect

In the meeting between Emanuele Briganti and Giorgio Armani, the two creatives discussed the status quo in fashion brands whereby designers put out low-quality products hence ruining the reputation of the real ‘Made in Italy’ brands that always strive to make bespoke items. Emanuele stays true to the cause of luxury and quality products by being thoroughly involved in the shoe-making process. He takes part in the process of choosing materials and accessories that make GuidoMaggi shoes including choosing the suppliers of these products in order to maintain the high quality that they promise their customers.

The process may seem torturous but the effect is that people trust GuidoMaggi luxury elevator shoes to deliver comfort, quality, luxury, and bespoke designs that fit well through varying fashion seasons and last long enough to make them pocket-friendly.

Online Business

GuidoMaggi reigns from Italy but the shoes are now accessible worldwide due to the beauty of e-commerce. Emanuele sought out to make his brand international by opening up their online doors for buyers who can now order their shoes online, choose their ideal elevation and await delivery. The modern world is an online village, which makes it ideal for businesses to have an online presence in order to cater to clients that cannot do store walk-ins.

Emanuele Briganti stays ahead of the fashion industry by creating products that can traverse fashion trends and offer the same top-notch quality through the ages. We can all learn a thing or two from this Italian entrepreneur who is breaking boundaries and venturing into untapped territories.