Entrepreneur’s guide to payroll management mistakes, as pointed out by Brian c Jensen

Payroll management plays a significant role in every business organization. It safeguards the company’s reputation, helping the entrepreneur to be compliant with the laws of payroll management. However, managing a payroll system involves a complex procedure leaving the business reputation at stake. Therefore an entrepreneur must undertake necessary precautions to avoid the possibility of mistakes to upkeep the image. It also calculates bonuses that every personnel deserves and the hours of work they have given over time.

Brian C Jensen throws light on the following payroll mistakes and offers strategies to avoid them

The area of payroll management in your business enterprise handles salary deductions, payment of employees, and maintenance of records regarding employees’ attendance.

Missing deadlines of payroll taxes

One of the most commonplace errors that entrepreneurs make is missing out on payroll tax deadlines. Such a mistake can put your business in jeopardy by inviting trouble from the court of law. In addition to tarnishing your company’s reputation, entrepreneurs also have to pay heavy penalties and a large amount as a late fine resulting in a financial burden for the firm. Therefore to avoid hefty payment as penalties, entrepreneurs must undertake the necessary measures to pay the taxes on time. An ideal strategy is to invest in payroll software that will install automatic payments, leaving the entrepreneur free from the burden of remembering tax deadlines.

Lacking a well-built data backup

Every business organization requires a backup of the data regarding the payroll system. In the absence of a proper data backup, your company can suffer from a catastrophe. In case of a computer crash or betrayal on the part of the manager, your business might suffer. Therefore it is sensible to create a backup of your payroll data and store them in a different location. Entrepreneurs must store information in multiple applications on the internet, making it easy to access by logging in with a few credentials.

Failure to maintain a clean payroll

The payroll department of your business organization creates and maintains the record of your employees. If a business fails to maintain clean payroll records, it is a disaster for your firm. However, the human resource managers often fail to maintain adequate records of the company’s personnel, resulting in perplexing situations. Such a mistake on the part of an entrepreneur can result in punishment from the government. It may also lead to over or underpayment of the business employees. With the help of an automatic payroll system, an entrepreneur can minimize this mistake with inbuilt tools for maintenance of time and providing direct deposits to the employees.

Poor calculation of tax

Some business firms make the mistake of inaccurate calculation of taxes due to the changing tax laws. Moreover, entrepreneurs handling multiple organizations at different locations fail to keep track of tax laws operating in various countries. Tax calculations must be appropriate. Paying the wrong tax is an offensive act leaving the form to be penalized. Brian C Jensen advises entrepreneurs to acquire up-to-the-minute knowledge about the employment tax rates every time. Entrepreneurs can also make use of payroll software for easy tax computation.

Misclassification of employees

Inaccurate classification of the staff working in the organization is one of the common payroll mistakes that most entrepreneurs make. Such an issue can prove costly to the business resulting in payment of penalties on the part of the entrepreneur. Therefore business owners must avoid such a payroll mistake by hiring contractors through leasing companies, says Brian C Jensen.