Entrepreneur Richa Dave’s trending workshops for aspiring make-up artists gets a huge thumbs-up!

Richa Dave

The more you give, the more you get.

This Pandemic has introduced us to several new terminologies like work from home, online learning, etc. The learning methodology has developed in the face of online learning. Many new ventures or companies come into the picture for stepping their foot in this Ed-tech sec, Besides, several renowned celebrities and icons hold online workshops and training sessions to spread their knowledge of expertise.

Richa Dave, a bewildering make-up artist and entrepreneur who successfully spread her magic in Gujarat, has been organizing online workshops for the aspiring make-up artists. The diva is preferred by several celebrities for her creativity and commitment, to the work. Dave believes knowledge is something that increases when shared. “I find myself extremely fortunate to come across so many aspiring and talented individuals who are willing to learn.”

The fabulous artist believes the evolution of the internet is a blessing for mankind. “The way things are evolving is creating several opportunities for the talented individuals. This has created a pathway to spread information and knowledge”.

Richa is one of the greatest inspirations to all those who dream of becoming a make-up artist someday. The charm and persona of this astounding artist are adored by her fan and followers on social media.

Besides being a successful make-up artist, Richa is also a pathbreaking entrepreneur. The boss lady runs the business of Jasmine Beauty Care which she inherited from her mother, Urvashi Dubey. Richa not just inherited her mother’s business but her skills as well of being a perfectionist in the make-up industry. The stunning make-up artist has created a loyal customer base with her awesome business strategies, which Dave keeps evolving from time to time. The perfectionist of the make-up world holds expertise in bridal and modern make-up too.