Entrepreneur, Policy Maker, Businessman, Author, and Human rights consultant; Satpreet Singh

When we are young, we want to be many things, like an engineer, doctor, artist, actor, or musician. We always wanted to do our best in anything that we did. However,as we grow up and life hits us, we realize that not everything can be done at once, and we can only be one thing of our choice because every passion and every dream requires consistency, motivation,and above all, will. Many of us regret our career choices in middle age because of boredom and lack of interest.

Something that you should know beforehand is that nothing is impossible if you want to do it. It is okay if you regret your career choice, despite that you can change it. No matter how old you have become, it would be best if you had a little push to do everything you want. When discussing pursuing different professions, we hardly see good examples, which are successful in every career choice that they have made.

Satpreet Singh is a different story because this man has become everything he wanted to be.

Meet Satpreet Singh

Satpreet Singh is a Punjabi-Indian-American author, entrepreneur, businessman, researcher, professor, IRS EA, CTEC, SRTP, an immigration consultant in California, insurance broker, insurance agent, and the CEO of Ardass Corporation as well as the director of the Ranjit Nagara, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving Sikh landmarks and sharing Sikh knowledge.

If we talk about his early life, Satpreet belongs to the small villageof Harse Chhina in the district of Amritsar, Punjab. Though he grew up in a relatively small place, he always kept his dreams big.He knowsthe importance of education which is the key to every success. He went to a community college for his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Applications undergraduate degree. After completing his undergraduate degree, he got his Master of Computer Application degree from Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar in 2005. But it didn’t stop there, to expand his knowledge.Now he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration in organizational leadership.

He has 16 years of experience as a leading specialist and two years as a professor. To achieve most of his goals, he decided to migrate to the U.S. and work as a researcher. After working as a researcher, he worked as an entrepreneur at Chhina Insurance Agency/Document Preparer in Manteca, California.

He has also long served as the Director of the Ranjit Nagara Non-Profit Organization in Manteca, California. As a Sikh, he worked on preserving historic sites for Sikhs to establish Gurdwaras and make people learn about the vast history of the Sikhs.

His ventures didn’t stop there because, after some time, he decided to become an authorby writing ‘Restoration & Renovation of Abandoned Historical Places,’ in which he discusses Sikhism and its roots, as well as how repairing historic places is the way ahead.

Though he is only 40, there is a lot more he wants to do. His biggest dream is to help humanity and erase hunger and poverty from the world. As an immigrant, he knows the harsh reality of being a foreigner. He wants to make people aware of the rights of others and make the world an excellent place to live and thrive. He sure is a good inspiration for someone who wants to do multiple things in their life.