Entrepreneur and Fashion Model Elisa Sintjago is a Total Boss Babe

They say that having a rough childhood can make you or break you. Of course, it leaves scars and can shatter you to the core but it is up to you to rise above all that and work towards a better tomorrow. To put it in simple words, only you can decide whether to give up on life and be the worst version of yourself or rise from ashes to glory. It all depends on how you let your past experiences shape you. 

While some turn out to be a much worse version of what they faced during their years of growing up, there are many who know how to use unfavorable circumstances in their favor and make the most out of it. One thing is sure that such individuals know how to stand in the face of adversity and the world who the real boss is. And Elisa Sintjago is definitely one of them.

This model-turned-entrepreneur had a rough time growing up. She did not have an ideal childhood and was in fact a victim of the several cruelties of life. As she grew up, she made up her mind that she will not let her challenging times and a bumpy growing-up ride define her. Instead, she was quite determined to change her life for the better and that is precisely what she did. Elisa Sintjago is a total boss babe who turned her life around for the best. She didn’t lose faith and kept on moving with a positive mindset.

Coming from a musical background, Elisa is also known for her remarkable skills in the world of music. Apart from being an amazing model, singer, and songwriter, Elisa is also an entrepreneur who emerged from the Netherlands. In a world where people are likely to give up hope due to the hardships of life, she was adamant to become better. She promised herself that she would work hard in order to accomplish great success in life.

For Elisa, venturing into the modeling industry was not as easy as it may seem. She had a lot of bumps in the road and her journey was made all the more tough due to her short height and plus-sized figure. In short, all these challenges tried to slow her down, but she was determined to put in the effort to build a strong, successful life. In fact, her determination to work harder was her driving force.

Today Elisa Sintjago owns a number of businesses, all of which have been doing great in the market. One business is her swimwear line, Elisaswimwear, which is an online venture that provides a wide range of alluring swimsuits for women to enjoy the day at a beach. A cosmopolitan brand, Elisaswimwear offers a variety of swimwear for not just women but for men as well. 

According to the model and entrepreneur, she started her venture during quarantine when the world was engulfed by the global pandemic. The goal of her swimwear brand is to enable the world to look enticing again amidst the several turmoil that are in motion all around the globe.

This is not all! Back in November 2019, Elisa also launched Doll House Beauty Lounge, which was her way of illustrating that she is a total boss babe who knows how to turn all odds in her favor. Her Doll House Beauty Lounge is where people can find organic CBD products that inspire the world to stay healthy. Moreover, her brand offers an exclusive range of products that allow users to avail hairline and mink eyelash extensions.

What sets Elisa Sintjago apart from her competitors is her passion for what she serves her customers and fans. She calls herself a people’s person who feels utmost pleasure in helping them do better. Her mantra of success is as unique as herself. She believes that one must not give up no matter what the circumstances may be. In fact, Elisa is a firm believer that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and therefore one must not let a failure decide one’s fate.

Elisa Sintjago depicts the true nature of being a total boss babe who discovered her passion for singing at the age of six and who chose not to give up on her dreams due to the many hardships that came her way as she grew up. But she knew that if she continued to strive harder, she would undoubtedly reach the horizons of success, and that is exactly what she has achieved. 

She is indeed an inspiration for many aspiring young models and entrepreneurs who want to make it big. Elisa has proven that if you keep pushing harder to turn your dreams into reality, the sky is the limit!