Enthralling people with ‘Reusable Cup’ in America is a prominent brand from Melbourne named Sttoke.

Coffee lovers in the US are up for some serious surprise as Australian brand ‘Sttoke’ is bringing its entire range of reusable, lightweight and entirely shatterproof ceramic lined Sttoke Reusable Cup to its soil. It will redefine the coffee drinking culture as it brings an Australian flavour along with its unique design to this part of the world.

The entire design has been created by Australian experts in Melbourne, and the brand has received two prestigious product design awards for its sleek and minimalistic design which is quite impressive. Since the time ‘Sttoke’ was launched, many premium brands have come forward to tie-up with it which include big names like Ralph’s Coffee, De’Longhi, Nescafe Gold, and many more who have toyed with the idea of collaborating with the brand with the vision on inspiring waste reduction. Unlike its American counterpart ‘Tumbler’, ‘Sttoke’ has that Australian quality to it where the coffee culture is more of a personal thing in all the social environments.

So, what’s different about this product, which makes it distinct from other products available in the market? One of the highlights of this product is that it is coated inside with a water based ceramic which is made using German engineered technology which is specifically designed to give utmost durability to the product also making it easy to maintain. The ceramic interior used in combination with double wall insulation is guaranteed to keep the coffee warm for up to 3 hours which ensures that each cup of coffee tastes the best, and what’s more it gives the option of a reusable cup which is one of its distinct qualities. Nonetheless, the flavour of the coffee is not compromised at any cost, giving five stars to the high quality of ‘Sttoke’.

One feature that makes this product more endearing is its sleek design which makes it stand tall at 14cm, weighing only 234g with the capacity of 12oz 340ml. The stylish design would definitely encourage you to flaunt the cup wherever you go. ‘Sttoke’ is celebrating its anniversary by introducing a limited edition production called Midnight Zero in collaboration with another Australian coffee equipment brand, Trinity Coffee Co. As its a limited edition, the Midnight Zero will be available from April 2021 till May 2021 on its website, with no shipping charges. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this beauty before it goes off the shelves.