Enthralling people with his app creations and entrepreneurial attitude is Cornel Herold.

It is always very surreal to learn and know about all those people who try to do the unusual to go beyond boundaries and create their unique niche. Ever wondered what could be the things that might have helped these individuals break barriers and create milestones in their career? Well, there could be a list of things, but nothing beats passion, perseverance and a strong mental fortitude, says Cornel Herold, a young man and mind who has, to his credit, some of the most robust apps and has gone ahead in teaching the same to others without the knowledge of coding.

If we say that this Hungary youngster is all of 18 years and still has made it huge in the app business, would you believe it? Cornel Herold is indeed a teenager entrepreneur today who has made waves in the app creation business and has impacted people’s lives by spreading his knowledge in the business, making them believe that success can also be achieved in the field without the knowledge of coding. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Hungary and has earned 1 million dollars already with the incredible five apps that he made within a span of a year. These apps are available on both Google Play and Apple Store, doing amazingly well and impressing people.

Cornel Herold

Cornel Herold confesses that before he made it amongst the top in the app business, he tried all types of businesses like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, to name a few. However, the app world was where he decided to place his bets and began with developing ideas around the same. Soon, the Hungarian youngster found out that all of this can be done without any coding knowledge. Ask him what made him enter the app business and Cornel Herold says he saw huge potential as he understood it was not very hard to come up with an idea. People only need to observe their day and find out how can an app solve the problem.

Today, Cornel Herold has a mentorship program called the ‘App Formula Masterclass’, an online educational programme helping people launch their own profitable apps. He has so far taught 100 people personally on his program and finds pride in teaching them the process without having them to learn anything about coding. Teaching people and spreading his knowledge about app creation has become his passion and he wishes to keep growing in the field to create his unique legacy as a real coach who teaches how to make money with apps without any coding knowledge.

To know more, do visit his website, or follow him on Instagram @cornelherold.