4 Ways to Ensure a Memorable Unboxing Video Experience

Making a memorable boxing experience is the key competitive advantage that your company must not only create repeat sales but also attract new clients. In the retail industry, a memorable boxing experience means more than just having a product in hand that’s ready to be boxed. It is all about how you present your product, the way you load the product, how you unbox it and other things like that. Making an excellent and memorable boxing experience for your customer starts with your packing materials. 

Here are some things that you should consider when packing your product for the customer.

  1. If you’re thinking of giving a personalized and unique gift to a potential client then you should consider giving them a unique packing material. The packaging should reflect the personality of your brand. Your personalized packaging will make your brand stand out. There are many different types of branded packing available in the market today. You can find custom printed, so friendly and even recyclable packaging for your products.
  2. If you are looking for a high quality but affordable option then you can shoplift for your brand’s packaging. Shopsify has an extensive range of customizable and durable shopping bags and boxes. You can either get them in white or black colors. You can also customize your own design and logo. Shopify has an extensive collection of branded packing supplies that you can use for your store’s branding. You can use any of the box and bag designs to create your store’s unique appeal and business identity.
  3. Ecommerce has made it easy for people to purchase high quality but affordable products. The best way to make your customer remember your brand is to ensure that they have a memorable boxing experience. Customized, durable and eco friendly shopping bags and boxes are the perfect solution to enhance your store’s brand image. They will not just give your customers the satisfaction they want but they will also make a lasting impression on them. You can choose from different materials including polystyrene, cardboard, leather, cotton, and many others.
  4. Your customers are likely to bring several items with them when they shop. Hence, it is important that you take special care to ensure that your store is always tidy and organized. Use customized storage containers to ensure a hassle free and memorable boxing experience for your customers. These storage bins can keep your customers belongings safe and secure so that they can easily retrieve their items whenever they feel the need to.

Most online retailers consider ordering packing materials from a reliable and reputed manufacturer as one of their most cost effective strategies to increase the level of customer satisfaction. The right kind of packaging helps store owners to build brand loyalty and credibility. You can also ensure that you offer your customers excellent returns on the products. You can make use of various promotional products such as gift boxes, which are perfect for ensuring repeated purchases by your loyal customers. Apart from this, you can also consider other options like buying return postage or packing supplies from leading shipping providers.

Another way of ensuring that your shoppers get a great boxing experience is by providing them with small extra of branded packaging materials. For example, if you buy a package of tissues paper, place it in small clear cellophane bags and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Your shoppers are sure to be pleased with your gift and you can expect higher returns from them.

You can also utilize colorful ribbons and stickers to add some aesthetic appeal to your product packaging. For example, you can use neon colors for your packaging if you are planning to ship it globally. In case you are planning to send your product across borders, you can opt for more sophisticated packaging materials such as heavy duty polythene and bubble wraps. If you are planning to send your products through air freight, you can choose to send it in one of the many specialty boxes like wheeled cases or large insulated boxes. All in all, packaging plays an important role in ensuring that your customers get a memorable boxing video experience.