Enjoy the Thrill & the Adventure of a Two-Wheeled Holiday in the UK

Have you noticed the surge of big bikes seen on UK roads as we move into summer? From the beginning of May to the end of September, it is big bike riding season in the UK, as enthusiasts get their big bike out of storage and ready for the open road. There’s no feeling like loading up your camping gear and heading off on a long-weekend adventure to the Cornish coast or the Norfolk Broads, and whether you prefer camping or staying at local bed & breakfast inns, there’s no shortage of temporary accommodation.

Touring Bikes

Of the many big bike styles, the touring machine has everything you need for a great adventure and check out the new and used touring bikes at Wheels Motorcycles, one of the leading UK bike dealerships that offers new and used bikes at affordable prices. The touring bike offers a very comfortable riding position and has a lot of storage capability with top boxes and saddle panniers, making it perfect for a dual camping adventure.

Booking Campsites

It is more than a little risky to set off on your touring bike without having a confirmed camping berth, which you can book online. The campsite would have all the amenities you would expect from a premier campsite, with the following:

  • On-Site Power
  • Hot Showers
  • BBQ Areas
  • Secure Perimeters
  • Multimedia Content

The Internet offers great information about the many attractive regions in the UK and you can book your stop-offs online, which you should do early in order to avoid disappointment. Click here for a great overnight camping checklist, to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Freedom & Independence

When you head off from your home, you have the freedom to go wherever you choose, with no tour operator’s schedule to keep and should you wish to stay on at one particular spot for as long as you like. Making good use of Google Maps, you won’t waste time on double trips and getting lost is a thing of the past. Buy a smartphone holder that clips onto your handlebars, which also doubles as a device charger and allowing for hands-free calls.

Power and Exhilaration

Riding a big bike means you have access to a lot of raw power and it is an exhilarating experience to open the throttle on a long, straight road. While you may not be able to run at high speed, you do have awesome acceleration over short distances, judi online while you should always ride in a safe manner.

Bike Licence Requirements

Of course, you are not permitted to ride a very powerful big bike unless you have an adequate riding history, and to ride a big bike on the UK roads, you need to hold a Class A licence. Start with a provisional licence (17+) which allows you to ride a 125cc bike, which has limited power and top speed, and within 2 years, you can obtain the compulsory basic training certificate and take the theory and practical tests to obtain the Class A licence.

If you love the great outdoors and would like to experience two-wheel adventures, invest in a big bike and prepare for an amazing 2021.