Enjoy Some of the Most Delicious Kerala Cuisines and Dishes

Kerala is famous for its mesmerizing beauty, traditions, and food that attract tourists worldwide to visit this place. In ancient times people used to rely on vegetables as a diet source because vegetables are easy to digest, and they are part of a healthy diet plan.

In later times the trends of eating were changed. Kerala is known for the abundance of spices, coconut, seafood, and other meat food items.

Kerala is a south Indian state where vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are created with numerous ingredients to make them delicious and tasty. Some of the famous non-vegetarian food items include fish and red meat.

South Indians add many spices to their dishes to enhance the smell and flavor of cuisines. The ingredients used mustard seeds, chilies, turmeric, cinnamon, and curry leaves to enhance the fragrance.

Kerala is also known as the “Land of spices.” Numerous types of spices are available in these places that are exported all over the world.  If you are in Karela, then you must try out all the authentic food items because you will not get those flavors anywhere else.

If you want to visit any restaurant you can search Kerala meals restaurant near me. Some of the famous food items of Karela include Sambar, Ghee Roast Dosa, and Idli which can be found on the menu of these restaurants. If you are a tourist, you must try all of these dishes and cuisines on your visit to Kerala.

Make You Morning Delightful with Puttu and Kadala Curry 

One of the most amazing breakfasts that you can enjoy in Karela is Puttu with black chickpeas gravy. Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake created with powder rice, grated coconut, and water. The food in Karela is prepared with love.

Mothers prepare amazing and delightful dishes with sincerity and make sure their family eats heavy breakfast every morning.

Both Puttu and Kadala Curry are like most amazing food items, and they are full of flavors. Kadala curry is made with coconut and Malabari flavors. Puttu and Kadala curry are served together as a morning meal.

Everyone who visits Kerala must try Puttu and Kadala Curry. The soft and delightful taste and texture of this dish make it a very popular breakfast and staple dish of Kerala.

Enjoy Traditional dishes in One Meal

Sadhya in Malabari cuisine is made up of Sandhya of more than ten food items. This dish is served on the banana leaf and contains rice, Upper, vegetables gravy, khichari, pappadam, avail, pickles, and buttermilk.

It is one of the most famous dishes of Karela, and it is not just a dish but an emotion that can only be understood. Sadhya has many varieties based on the area where you try it.

If you search Kerala meals restaurants near me, you will find many restaurants that offer numerous amazing foods. You can check the review and eat in that restaurant.

Delightful Malabar Biryani

Biryani is one of the most famous dishes across all Asian countries. Everyone in Indian Loves it, and the same goes for Karela. The love of biryani can be seen everywhere. You can find street food joints serving biryani; many restaurants also serve Biriyani as their specialty. Biryani is one of the most famous items in Karela.

The people create biryani with meats, including fish, chicken, beef, and mutton. The biryani of every restaurant tastes different from others. If you have never tried biryani, you must eat biryani from any restaurant or Dhaba in Karela.

Enter the Fried Food World with Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

It is not possible to mention the most popular dishes of Kerala without adding meat cuisine in it. Chicken is used as one of the main ingredients in Karela dishes.

Malabar flavors go perfectly with juicy chicken pieces. Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu is one of the most famous snacks. This dish is made up of fried chicken with garlic, onion, coriander, and vinegar with lots of spices, just like Kerala-style fried chicken. It is one of the spiciest dishes that you will get to eat in Karela.

The people who love spicy food items must try this out. It is mostly served with banana leaf enduring with the culture in the state.

Other than chicken, many Muslims in Kerala enjoy a beef variant. Many restaurants offer these dishes that you can try. 

Don’t Miss Out on Tasty Palada Payasam

You must have heard about rice pudding or kheer; it is a popular sweet In Kerala that is enjoyed on wedding occasions or as a sweet. Like kheer people of Kerala also love to eat Palada Payasam, which is made with rice, sugar, milk, and a huge amount of ghee.

It is a heavy sweet which is served with dry fruits including almond, raisins, and cashew nuts. As a heavy food item is full of carbohydrates; therefore, many health-conscious people avoid eating it.

But if you love sweets, then make your soul happy by trying out Palada Payasam from any famous Kerala restaurant.

Enjoy Your Evening with Refreshing Pazham Pori

You must have heard about the snack created with bananas and thought of trying it? Well, if you are in Karela, you are lucky enough to try it. Banana fritter or Pazham Pori is a snack that is served at tea time in Kerala households because of its crunchy and sweet flavor.

Housewives mostly create this dish. Make sure that plantains are ripe enough before you try it. Many restaurants are also serving these magic fitters that you can try out.  

Have a Healthy Breakfast with Appam and Stew?

Appam and Stew are among the most favorite dishes of everyone in Karela. Appam is the rice pancake with a thick and soft center and thin crispy exterior. You can enjoy appam with numerous dishes that enhance the flavor of this dish.

The majority of households in Kerala eat this dish as a staple breakfast. Everyone who is coming to Kerala must give this dish a try before leaving the place.