Enjoy off-road cycling thrills with Affordable Avon Mountain Cycles –

MTB or Mountain bicycles, as the name signifies, are designed to meet the challenges of smooth and hassle-free cycling on hilly and rugged terrains. They are specially designed for comfortable rides on rugged and bumpy road and to meet all the requirements of off-road cycling purposes. 

Sturdier frame, smaller but wider tyres is what that differentiates MTB cycle bikes from normal road cycle which has light weight frame and sleek tyers. Further use and distinctive design differentiate it from other cycles. 

Buy Bicycle Online – Mountain bicycles are so designed that they not only perform better on rough terrain where strength and endurance are the main concern, but also do not let happen any discomfort to the cyclist and keep cycling comfortable in off-road conditions. To withstand the harshness of rough terrains their frames are made heavier and sturdier than normal cycles. 

Since they are built specifically for mountain trails, single-track and many other unpaved surfaces, they are made using special alloy sturdy frame, front or full suspension, large wide knobby tyres, durable wheels, powerful brakes, and climbing steep grades.

Price has always remained a point of concern for customers. They look for quality products but at a cheaper price. Keeping in mind Avon has come out with world class MTB cycles at the most competitive price without compromising, not even by a single notch, in quality and features, then any other peer MTB cycle model of world standard quality and feature. 

Mountain Cycle Price in India

A good quality MTB cycle’s cost lay in the range somewhere best mtb under 15000 to 18000 rupees. The MTB cycles are expensive because of their sturdier frame made using special steel alloy to meet all the strength and endurance parameters, use of high-quality steel alloy increases their cost. 

Avon has come out with a range of MTB cycles which are priced under Rs. 10,000. The company has specially created this range keeping in mind the Indian customers who are looking for the best product at affordable price. It is pertinent to mention here that the range of MTB cycles from Avon under Rs 10,000 matches in quality to any other world class MTB cycle. Besides they are so designed to never fail the challenges’ requirements of hilly and rugged terrains, and are gaining popularity among people who love to track off road. 

Mtb gear Cycle is a better option for fast and smooth cycling on uphill roads or travelling long distances without suffering fatigue. It lessens hardships of long-distance or cycling inclined slopes. It is like any other normal MT cycle, except that it comes fitted with a set of gears so that the speed can be adjusted to make the ride comfortable and maintain an even speed during various cycling conditions by using the desired gear. They are designed to provide comfort to the cyclist while cycling. 

Mountain Cycle with Gear

Unlike in motorized vehicles gears in MT cycle are sometimes wrongly understood as speed enhancers but in reality, they regulate the amount of effort that is made during riding. They help in maintaining cadence while riding on inclined planes up or down side or on plane roads by adjusting to the suitable gear.

Starting with a humble beginning in 1952, Avon cycles has travelled a long way on the cycling road to cling to the top notch in cycle arena. During its journey the company has introduced a wide range of cycles in Indian market to meet the needs of customers of all age groups and categories. The company produces the best quality Mountain bicycles in the country. The company’s cycles are reliable, better performing, and comfortable.

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