Enjoy cooling with these kenstar air coolers

Get the best room cooler from low Kenstar cooler price range which offers efficient, affordable, and stylish range of room air coolers.

The summer season is directly associated with air conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, and inflated electricity bills. If you plan to spend the summer months comfortably, then a room cooler is the best option for you. It is cheaper than an air conditioner and does not consume excessive electricity. There are plenty of room cooler brands operating in India. If you are looking for a suitable cooler brand, then Kenstar is a good option for you.

Kenstar cooler price is affordable, and the brand is well known for its quality. A Kenstar room cooler will protect you from the scorching heat this summer. Let us look at a few Kenstar coolers that will give you comfort during the intense summer heat. Kenstar offers high-grade room coolers which provide healthy and quick cooling.

Desert Series

The Desert Series of air coolers are best suited for large rooms with high tank capacity. The Coolblaster 80 and Icecool air cooler among the most popular models from the Desert Series. The Coolblaster comes with a tank capacity of 80 liters. It is equipped with a smart remote. It comes with smart humidity control, which helps in reducing the ambient moisture from a room. It is capable of delivering air at 6000cu m/hr. The Icecool air cooler has a tank capacity of 60 L. It has Honeycomb cooling pads. It has an overall capacity to deliver 4000 cu m/hr.

Slim Desert Series

The Slim Desert Series is a unique range of air coolers from the house of Kenstar. These air coolers have been designed very thoughtfully for space utility. The Slimline Super Air Cooler and A5X – RE Air Cooler are among the most popular models. The A5X- RE has a tank capacity of 50L. It comes in a very stylish design and has a Roto swing option. The device is compatible with modern home inverters. The Slimline Super is a 40L capacity cooler. Its Motorized Louvre Movement allows it to deliver cool air of 2650 cu.m/hr.

Tower Series

The name itself suggests that these air-coolers are not ordinary domestic models. These are high-capacity coolers that are perfect for offices, outdoor areas, and retail space. The Glam 15 and Glam 50 are some of the most popular coolers available in the market. The Glam 15 comes with a tank capacity of 15 L. the device is equipped with smart remote control. Motorized Louvre Movement powers the Glam 15. It is capable of delivering air at 1050 cu m/hr. The Glam 50 has a higher tank capacity at 50L.

Window Coolers

These are the best and most long-lasting cooling systems for your home. The Multicool 60 L is a very popular model in the Window Cooler category. It is inverter compatible and delivers air at 2100 cu m/hr. The Double Cool DX is designed for nonstop cooling. It comes with a tank capacity of 50 L and delivers air at 1750 cu m/hr.

Personal Series

The personal series is noted for its unique style, design, dynamic performance, and efficiency. These air coolers ensure efficient cooling and are capable of generating a strong cooling effect for maximum comfort. The Colt 35 and Little DX are some of the most popular coolers from this series.

Kenstar air coolers are popular due to


Kenstar offers some of the most affordable coolers in the Indian markets. It has a flexible price and range and offers something for each budget. It is also very prompt when it comes to giving offers and discounts.

Powerful Cooling

The powerful cooling effect of Kenstar air coolers is another reason behind its popularity. The Indian summer conditions are hot and humid. Hence, you need a strong air cooling system to feel comfortable. Kenstar uses modern cooling technologies to ensure that it renders maximum cooling effect around itself.

The Kenstar air coolers are stylish and designed for space utilization. Hence, you would find that a room cooler easily parks itself in a living space. Plus, the air coolers come in very attractive colors. Style and utility have made Kenstar a very sought-after brand in the Indian market. Kenstar cooler price is lower than the other market competitors.

Stylish Design

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