Enhance Vocabulary With The Latest Google Word Coach Now

Do you think that your vocabulary needs some improvement? Don’t know how to get started? Then you have landed in the right place. In this article we are going to inspire you to use the Google Word Coach game that is very intriguing and is sure to enhance your vocabulary in a very fun way. 

What Is Google Word Coach?

The word coach game from the house of Google is a fascinating test game where you will get a query against two alternatives and you will have to choose one option from the alternatives. This test will aid you in improving your English as well as the professional terminology in a very exciting method. 

When in the Google search engine you search for “Google Word Search” or “Word Search”, you will find the Word Reference and Translation box. Either way, if you also search for the meaning, antonym or synonyms of any particular English word, you will also be able to get the quiz. Google Word Coach quiz answers are shown in each level and after the level with proper explanation. This makes it easier for the players to understand where they are right or wrong.

Best Ways To Employ Google Word Coach To Improve Vocabulary

There is no way to download the Google Word Coach test game as it is completely browser based. Thus, you will need your phone, internet and the Google search engine to be able to play the Google Word Coach game. Here are some of the ways you can follow in order to learn more words and implement them wherever you would require. 

  1. Use New Words

Use new words that you have just learned into the Google search engine. The Word Coach game of Google will display various antonym, synonym and meaning questions including the pictographs. You can play the game continuously to learn even more words, and its use cases. 

  1. Play Everyday

Take out some time from your busy schedule and play the Word Coach Google. This will help you to learn more and more words that you can later on implement while writing or having a conversation. The more you use these words, the more you will be growing your vocab. However, this is a time consuming process as it is not possible to build a very strong vocabulary overnight. Thus, you need to be patient and consistent at the same time. 

  1. Learn The Roots

When you are proficient with the basic knowledge of the words, you can go ahead and learn the roots of those words, the prefixes, additions with the Greek or Latin origin. Slowly, you will see more words with similar words and thereby your vocabulary list will increase.

  1. Use The Thesaurus

You can additionally keep the lexicon convenient. Thesaurus is a very crucial tool that you need to consider as well. The Word Coach quiz will brush up your existing vocab list and add new words to it. However, the Thesaurus will help you to be more precise.  Else, you can opt for online translation services to help understand the meaning of different words and vocabulary that are in foreign languages, when using the Google Word Coach. 

  1. Investigate Words You Don’t Know

When you are coming across words that you do not know, you can look up the word in the thesaurus or even play a session of Google Word Coach game. Make a habit of investigating new words regularly and taking the help of the Google Word Coach online. 

  1. Keep A Diary

This is probably one of the best things that you can do to yourself. Keep a diary handy where you will jot down new words, their meanings, some antonyms, some synonyms and maybe some use cases. This is a handy vocab dictionary for you. You can look up anytime you feel like. When you are writing down the new words, make sure you do not forget the old ones. Keep a track of the previously learnt words and their meanings and use cases. 


The Google Word Coach is a test game for universal programs. Unfortunately, there is no application or Google Word Coach app to access the game as it is completely browser-oriented. It can be stated that Google has done an incredible job by introducing the game or quiz for the non-english speakers. By playing this game, they can be more and more confident in their English skills. This will let them use these words whenever they speak or write.