Enhance Collaboration in Manufacturing with Omnichannel Contact Center Software 

Manufacturing today is complex. An enterprise with its head office in one country in one city may have its manufacturing unit located in another city or in another part of the same city. Its sales offices may be spread across various cities. Further, it may source parts, components and sub-assemblies from vendors worldwide. Entire teams are involved, starting from design team to production to engineering, procurement and sales. You will find a strict hierarchy in decision making and inordinate delays between receipt of order and manufacturing or from concept design to production due to the human involvement and lengthy processes. A typical example is the automotive sector. All these can be short-circuited with the help of contact center software in manufacturing. 

Remote collaboration made easy
Teams must interface with each other and that would involve travel for meetings as happens when a sales team gets an order and must transfer it to design or production. Engineers may need to visit manufacturing plant to explain the design details and they may have to visit vendors to set up supply line. You can avoid all the expense of time, travel and effort by switching over to contact center software and use its conferencing feature for collaboration. 

Sales, production, inventory, sub-contractors, vendors, manufacturing plant engineers and designers can all get together for an online virtual conference without moving from their desks. 
Such online conferencing can lead to immediate decisions and agreements that lead to faster production and short time to market, thereby keeping customers happy with expedited delivery. 

Video and document sharing can be versatile
Today’s omnichannel contact center solutions incorporate WebRTC video. Manufacturing industries can leverage this feature to: 
Show a live streaming video of production capabilities to a prospective customer
Display design to customers and get approval or get suggestions on design changes from customers or production engineers. 
Invite vendors to join using their smartphone or desktop to find out just how fast they can gear up for production and delivery. 
Let costing people decide costs by knowing about design and production parameters through the video display.
Share documents like instant quotations or specification sheets
Keep customers updated at intermediate steps of production with videos and notifications sent out through the outbound call center software’s SMS, fax, email or Whatsapp connectivity feature. 
This feature also comes in handy in the matter of maintenance. Plant workers can show a video of the machine to a service engineer and get tips or let the engineer find out what could possibly be wrong. 
Engineers, customers, designers and production can collaborate on developing a product design using video conferencing and document exchange features for new product ideation. 

Everyone involved in the chain saves time and gets things done super fast by making use of the call center software conferencing and collaborative features. Scheduling a conference or having an impromptu one as and when necessary is an easy thing to do and aids efficiency and productivity. While dispersed teams collaborate, the management has a bird’s eye view of all that is going on. 

Keeping track
Manufacturing industries must tackle customers and keep them satisfied with timely services. On the other hand they have to deal with production in-house for which procurement and inventory require to be streamlined. Then there is the matter of smooth handling of vendors of components and sub-assemblies. Keeping track would become chaotic but here again you have the call center software and its CRM to help you log all communications and retrieve them whenever required. 

Should a customer or a vendor call then the inbound call center software’s skill based mapping and automatic call distribution makes sure the call goes through to the right person, saving time and avoiding irritation on the part of the caller of having to be kept on hold. 

How good your communication process is one thing you can find out through the contact center software’s analytics module. You get to know how much time you spend on communications and outcomes of such interactions. This can lead to improvements to address deficiencies and identify strong points to speed up manufacturing and enhance productivity. 

Collaborative platform is indispensable
Make contact center software the hub of communications in manufacturing and you can enhance operations all round: 
Enable collaboration between geographically dispersed teams, even when team members are traveling. 
Meet pressures of new product introduction speedily and accurately through collaborative interaction between production, design, engineering, sales and management teams besides managing complex global supply chains flawlessly. 
Enable and enhance remote maintenance and repair and also customer services

The best solution is hosted omnichannel contact center software that allows parallel channels of communication tied to a central console and CRM for easy management of hundreds of ongoing collaborative interactions. 


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