England reported with 10Million “unfilled fillings”. Dr. Mezdrea warns other EU countries can face a similar problem

Recent Daily Mail news uncovered a record number of untreated dental issues and the alarming situation in a whole dental care system. This worrying situation was revealed by Boris Johnson this month who told MPs that “30 million appointments were lost during Covid” and there are “10 million unfilled fillings across England” – Daily Mail reported.

As the world tries to quell the spread of the virus, some 30milion appointments could not take place in the 1st year of the Covid pandemic in England only. Many dentists have temporarily paused admitting patients while others offered only emergency appointments for the most urgent dental cases. The British Dental Association explained that such a high number of missed appointments equates to 70% of all appointments in the UK. Other experts underline that such a profound dental crisis could be particularly dangerous for children and unaware potential mouth-cancer patients who could have missed their dental appointment and in-time life-saving diagnosis.

The magnitude and the critical situation of the dental sector are confirmed by Dr. Stefania Mezdrea: “The rapid growth of numbers of patients with unfilled fillings is obviously seen in my dental clinic in Bucharest, as well as reported by my fellow practitioners from the UK. It shows that the problem is serious, not related with just one country and that we need to encourage patients to visit their dentist for checkups.” She assures that dentists do their best to provide their services to all patients in need, but a series of lock-downs and patients’ fear of contracting Covid in a clinic caused an accumulation of untreated cases that will be seen for months to come. “We are doing our best to help people, by informing them about oral care, prevention, hygiene & safety in our dental protocols. We need to remember that besides urgent cases, we provide services to other patients from earlier planned treatments, and to those who missed appointments due to the Covid situation. That is why it will take us up to several months to bring the situation back to normal.”

For those who have noticed deterioration in their oral health or are simply concerned about their teeth, Dr. Mezdrea recommends visiting their dentist, and not being afraid of Covid. “Visiting your dentist is always a good choice – even during the pandemic. As we treat patients’ health as our top priority, we all implement anti-virus protocols to assure everyone’s safety. Do not wait and pay us a visit. Your teeth will be grateful for that.”

Since oral care is based on conscious prevention and built-up healthy habits, it is recommended to follow all crucial steps in proper oral hygiene. “In terms of effective oral care and cavity prevention, nothing has changed. I strongly recommend teeth brushing after each meal or at least 2 times a day, flossing the teeth with dental floss, using inter-dental brushes, mouthwashes, and other dental products of well-known brands such as: Sensodyne, Elgydium , Dr.Martin Schwarz, Oral-B, and others.” – Dr. Stefania Mezdrea concluded.

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