Engine Oil Leaks: The Causes, Effects, and How to Avoid Them

One of the most important things that mechanics and technicians at a KIA dealer service department check in your car is the engine fluid. Liquid spots under your car after parking it for a while are a clear sign that some of its fluid is leaking. So, what are the common causes of oil leaks and how do you avoid them?

Maintaining engine oil level is critical because…

Your engine is the car’s most important component that ensures you are in motion. Parts in the engine require oil to reduce friction to ensure smooth motion while enhancing the engine’s lifespan. KIA service department experts recommend changing the oil at least every five months.

Failing to change the oil causes it to lose its viscosity and lubrication quality, leading to excessive friction. Parked vehicles with an oil leak may have a brown liquid that feels greasy to the touch. However, some vehicles have under-body covers that might make it hard to spot engine leaks.

Common causes of oil leaks

To check for engine oil leaks, thoroughly inspect your car’s bonnet and check for oil covering the engine or small puddles. Causes of oil leaks are:

  • Improper installation of engine oil parts-These include gaskets and an oil pan that is too tight or a loose oil filter that leaks oil flowing into the engine
  • Worn out oil pans and gaskets-Loose gravel from rough roads can puncture the oil pan
  • Defective valve rings and seals-Damaged valve seals and rings lead to small oil leaks
  • Bad oil filter-The filter removes contaminants from the oil before they harm your engine. Taking your car regularly to a certified KIA service department will help ensure that the one in your car is working or requires changing.
  • Cracked engine block-A massive amount of oil leaking from the car’s front may indicate a cracked engine block. This block is a single metal mass and repairing it can be a significant task. Plus, internal cracks can lead oil to places it should not be while external cracks are easier to notice. 

Signs your oil is leaking

The first thing you need to watch out for is the oil level. A few occasional drips are perfectly normal, but if the oil level is dropping fast, it’s time to consult a KIA dealer service department professional. Other signs to watch out for include:

  • Burnt oil smell and smoke from the engine
  • The dashboard oil light turns on
  • Your engine overheats

How to prevent oil leaks

  • Increase the frequency of oil changes as recommended by your KIA service department technician
  • Use the right type of oil as mentioned in your vehicle’s manual
  • Use leak stopping additives temporarily before taking your vehicle to the garage for professional repairs

Consult the professionals

It is always best to treat oil leaks as soon as possible; however, frequent checks by qualified KIA dealer service department experts can ensure that large oil leaks do not catch you off guard. At Toowong KIA, they can inspect, change your oil and service your car often at a pocket-friendly rate. To get your vehicle tuned for optimal performance, schedule an appointment with the experts over the phone at 3377 3711.

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