Engaging a Custom Home Builder for Your Renovation

Do you want to hire a custom home builder to renovate or renovate your home? Then it is essential to make clear contracts in advance and to record these in writing.

Appointments and costs

Record all agreements on paper. Of course, choices will still have to be made during the process. Agree that the custom home builder discusses any additional work in advance. Also, record these agreements on paper. This is to avoid surprises later on. You usually agree on a contract price with a custom home builder for the entire job. Because every renovation is different, standard prices are difficult to give. Globally, it would be best if you thought of an hourly rate of €30 to €50. To this are added costs for materials, hiring professionals, permits, etc. Do not pay large amounts in advance. At most, for example, 10% at the start of the project.

Tips for hiring a custom home builder

Do you want to hire a custom home builder? Here are the important points to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes you need an environmental permit for your renovation. You can check this at the online environment counter. By answering some questions, you will find out whether you need a permit. You can also obtain information from your municipality.
  • Are multiple parties involved in the renovation? It is then challenging to resolve who is liable in the event of a defect. The solution? Hire a top custom home builder who is ultimately responsible.
  • Have several custom home builders prepare a quote. This way you can compare prices and conditions.
  • Choose a custom home builder who is affiliated with a trade association. This gives you more certainty if you and your custom home builder get into a disagreement. In addition, you may also be able to claim an (extra) warranty.
  • Request references from the custom home builder and checks them as well. For example, visit his latest clients.
  • Have you received the general terms and conditions with the agreement with the custom home builder? If not, request these directly and read them. The terms and conditions are part of the agreement if they have been providing to you in advance.
  • Record all agreements with the custom home builder in writing in advance in a building contract. Consider, for example, the term within which the renovation must be complete and what fine the custom home builder must pay if he exceeds this term. Also include agreements about additional and less work and associated costs.
  • Do not pay too much in advance, at most about 10% of the contract price. Always put interim (cash) payments on paper and have the custom home builder sign this for receipt.
  • Are you dissatisfied with the work of your custom home builder? Make sure that you put the defects on paper during the delivery and allow him to repair the work. Also, do not make the final payment until after delivery and repair of the defects.

Digitally record mutual agreements

By using any digital App, you have even easier insight into all the agreements you make with your custom home builder, and you always have them directly at hand. We are currently testing this. Do you like to participate in the test? Click here for more information and to register. Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes also works together with other parties that make digitally supervising your renovation very easy. With professional NAHB Certified Builders, you always have an overview of work, budget and expenses and the planning & progress! The NAHB Certified Graduate Builders also offers handy checklists: from preparation to delivery, so that you know what to look out for. It also contains useful legal lists from Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes for homeowners and Custom Home Builder in Austin.

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