Enderly Coffee Comapny by Yelp: Charlotte’s Best Coffee Shop

Are you a huge coffee fan? If you plan to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina and are looking for an excellent craft of coffee and atmosphere, then look no further. The best coffee shop in Charlotte, where you will experience a different feeling of grabbing a cup of coffee, is at Enderly Coffee Company.

People mistakenly think that the best coffee can only be found in the most exclusive coffee shops, but this is untrue. Instead, some neighborhood companies are making a concerted effort to treat patrons in a manner comparable to that of renowned coffee shops. Enderly Coffee Company continues to impress. Yelp ranked them as one of the top coffee shops in all of North America (USA & Canada included). If there is any coffee shop that is doing it right it is this place!

Coffee Shops in Charlotte

I discovered the Queen City has a lot of coffee shops. The residents and frequent locals are all coffee lovers who talk about their favorite coffee shops. There are even dedicated Instagram accounts to coffee in Charlotte area. I understood how hard local business worked to give their consumers the best possible service. Making clients happy is a passion shared by every coffee business. Even though it was challenging to find the best, I was seeking a coffee shop that was ideal in every way. And lastly, after comparing several coffee shops’ services, seating areas, menus, and customer feedback, I determined that Enderly Coffee Company was by far Charlotte’s top coffee shop.

Enderly Coffee Co.

Enderly Coffee Co. is located on the west side of Charlotte, away from the city’s business areas. It is perfect for the person looking for a quiet place and a good array of tastes of coffee. They are presenting different varieties of coffee with an incredible level of quality. They have a gracefully decorated indoor sitting area with natural wood and great lighting that’s not too flashy and not too dim. Their patio seating area is the ideal place for someone who wants to sit outside on a nice warm day while enjoying a cup of coffee. In addition to coffee, they also serve food items and drinks.

Enderly Coffee Co. has their own coffee roaster as well. The majority of coffee shops get roasted beans from various sellers. Coffee beans are roasted differently by each operator, which causes variations in flavor and inconsistencies. Enderly Coffee Company sells beans wholesale in addition to using their own beans. Their quality is pristine, and the locals love it.

Owner of Enderly Coffee Co.

Tony Santoro and his wife Becky Santoro own Enderly Coffee Company. Both originally from Michigan who moved down to Charlotte to follow their passions as teachers they soon realized coffee and entrepreneurship was their true calling. Tony established a roasting business in 2012 as a hobby, but then considered doing something that may benefit the community. He aimed to expand opportunities and employment. Then, in 2018, he carried out his plan by opening a coffee shop off Tuckaseegee Rd. Tony is an entrepreneur that consistently looks beyond the box. Finding ways to benefit the community is his top priority rather than increasing his financial security. The fulfilment of a joint dream between a husband and wife is Enderly Coffee Co. They really would like to offer a pleasant setting, nutritious beans, and more employment opportunities and are doing great things for the coffee space too.

Where is Enderly Coffee Co. located?

Here is this coffee shop’s full address:

Address: 2620 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte , NC 28208

Final Thoughts

After researching various coffee shops, I concluded that Enderly Coffee Co. is the best shop out of Charlotte North Carolina. They have a great range of delicious coffee. On the internet, this coffee shop has gotten a huge amount of positive ratings. Happy clients praise the proprietor Tony Santoro and his staff’s friendliness in their reviews. They value their taste and customer service as well. I heartily recommend this restaurant if you are a coffee lover and live in Queen City or are considering visiting this city.