End of Year Party Ideas for Your Employees

Every year, you look for ways to treat your employees, show appreciation for all their hard work that week, and encourage them to keep up the same spirit or do better in the upcoming year.


Don’t let your company be stuck with the same end-of-year party theme, take them out to enjoy something like the Funhouse entertainment centre and arcade. If that’s not possible, try some of these end of year party ideas for your employees:


Bring in Some Entertainment

Your employees have been working tirelessly throughout the year, and the last thing they need is another end of year party that sucks. You want your employees to actively want to be at the end of year party like they wake up to come to work every day.


Don’t just stick up some balloons and cue some party music, go the extra mile. You can get a magician, face painter, or Elvis impersonator at your holiday party. Good entertainment is what takes your party to a whole new level.


You can also hire a band or performer that will line up with the theme of the party. We recommend booking any entertainment before the party to avoid frustrating your employees and scrambling to find entertainment a week before the party.


Pick a Theme

People love themes! If you want to turn this end of year party into a memorable one, find a theme. A party theme has the potential of turning even a standard drinks-and-catering party into a more fun event. You can pick out anything as a theme; whether its Hawaiian leis or wearing masquerade masks, you just need to make sure that you don’t raise any eyebrows with the HR.


You can choose a simple color theme that gives people a chance to dress up, favorite holiday movie as a theme, a favorite decade, or even decorate the office a fun getaway like Alpine cabin or a tropical resort.


Break The Ice With Fun Activities

You want to make sure your employees loosen up at the end of the year party and get to know each other better. One of the best ways to do this is by having them participate in activities that require them to work together and build a sense of team spirit.


You can do this by having the employees play holiday-themed charades, divide them into teams and give them a scavenger hunt task, have movie trivia content, and any other activities that will be fun.


Have A Potluck

The best way to keep an office end of year party casual is having a potluck. Potlucks are an excellent opportunity for your employees to show off their baking or cooking skills.


Potlucks are not only budget-friendly; they are also fun because people get to enjoy different varieties of delicious foods. You can keep the potluck organized by having a sign-up sheet for your employees to decide who is bringing what.


You can add a fun spin to the potluck by holding a dessert potluck where the employees cater to the main meal and bring their favorite sweet treats as dessert. You can even have a fun voting session where the best dessert is determined.


Have A Group Outing

While a great end of year party is greatly appreciated, so it is a day out of the office, you can give your employees a change of scenery this year by doing something enjoyable together. You can have the office take the afternoon off and go somewhere with your employees.


Active office outings like ice-skating or bowling are highly appreciated. It could also be seeing a comedy show, sports game, playing laser tags, or anything your employees unanimously agree could be fun.