Enchanting Eyewear: The Best Witch-Inspired Eyewear for 2023

Needing some witchy glasses inspiration? Whether you’ve got a fancy dress party on the horizon and are looking for some costume ideas or are simply wanting some enchanting eyewear to wear day-to-day, we’ve got the information you need!

Novelty Witch Glasses

If you’re planning a Halloween party or attending a fancy dress bash, you won’t be short of options for witch-themed eyewear, whether of the white or wicked variety! Choose from plastic frames decorated with witches, black cats, pumpkins, skeletons, and cauldrons – the selection is endless – to complete your outfit! Or, to really push the boat out, you could even go for some witch novelty glasses that also incorporate a mini pointy hat on the upper part of the frames, hologram lenses, or LED lights that can be programmed to spell out ‘Happy Halloween!’ or create another witchy message or pattern.

Shades with Spellbinding Embellished Frames

Want something a bit special? How about a pair of glamorous oversized black frames with pentacle embellishments on the lenses and armbars or round goggle-style glasses with diamante sparkles around the lenses? Or small cat eye specs with a zirconia moon emblazoned on one side of the frame? There are plentiful options for creating a blinged-up witchy style if this is your vibe.

Sexy and Stylish Witch Glasses

While the ‘traditional’ image of a witch may involve a long nose, warts, and trailing raggedy hair, this isn’t all there is, by any means, to the witch image. There are plenty of films featuring sexy, stylish witches – think The Witches of Eastwick and Love Witch.

To channel your beautiful inner witch, one of the key accessories is some fabulous eyewear. Opt for black oversized cat eye frames or, if you find this style a little overwhelming for your face, go for clear glasses in the same shape. Clear glasses are a great way to make even the boldest or biggest of frame shapes work for you if you have smaller features. Plus, clear frames are one of the hottest eyewear trends of this year.

Movie Witches with Spellbinding Eyewear

Looking for movie witches with glasses? Here is our pick of enchantresses with fabulous eyewear.

Lotta Jansen – Little Witch Academia

Fans of anime will be very aware of Lotta Jansen and her classmates at Luna Nova Academy. A witch from Finland who shares a dorm with Akko and Sucy, sixteen-year-old Lotta wears a distinctive pair of half-rim optical glasses with lilac frames.

If you want to put together a Lotta Jansen costume, as well as the glasses, you’ll also need an orange wig, a pointy hat, a navy dress, and a navy dress and tights. You can have lots of fun with accessories with this character, too: not only does Lotta have a broomstick, but she also has a crystal ball, which she uses to chat with her friends and access WitchNet.

Sabrina – Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

This much-loved series from the 1990s focuses on the adventures (and misadventures) of Sabrina Spellman and stars Melissa Joan Hart as the teenage witch in question. For your Sabrina costume, you’ll need some preppy nineties clothes – think tartan, blocky platform shoes, lots of little hair accessories, and a pair of the decade’s synonymous small, round-framed metal sunglasses. And don’t forget a stuffed toy black cat to stand for Sabrina’s familiar, Salem Saberhagen.

Elphaba – Wicked

Although the Elphaba of the smash-hit stage show doesn’t wear glasses, many people who dress up as this character add a pair of thick rectangular black-framed glasses to amp up both the style and witchy credentials. For some reason, this style of specs just looks fabulous worn on a bright green face!

The rest of the costume is easy; you’ll just need a pointy hat and a long black dress – the latter of which you’ll surely be able to source for cheaper than the original worn in the stage show, which cost $20,000 in materials to create.

Professor Minerva McGonagall and Luna Lovegood- The Harry Potter Series

Another famous glasses-wearing witch, Professor McGonagall, heads up Gryffindor House at Hogwarts Academy. To get the classic McGonagall look, you’ll need a long black dress and cape (or jacket), a pointy hat, a pair of thin, metal-rimmed half-moon glasses, and a large, standout metal necklace or collection of silver chains.

Professor McGonagall isn’t the only source of eyewear inspiration at Hogwarts, either. There’s also Luna Lovegood, who wears a wacky-looking pair of Spectrespecs, allowing her to see the otherwise invisible wrackspurts. Luna’s special glasses feature one pink and one blue lens and winglike frames that extend beyond the face. Replica Spectrespecs are available, or a quick search online throws up lots of tutorials to easily make a pair yourself if you’re feeling crafty.

Final Thoughts

Need some enchanting glasses ideas? Why not channel your inner witch and choose yourself a spellbinding set of new frames? Whether you’re in the market for a stylish pair of matte black cat eye specs or some fun novelty glasses for a Halloween celebration, there is no end of options available. So all you need to decide is whether to accessorize your eyewear with a broomstick, a black cat, or a crystal ball!