Enable Announces Global Digital Strategy to Converge IT & OT

New business model accelerates value creation via financial and production process connectivity

Mexico City, Mexico —ENABLE today debuts its expansion into the industrial sector by launching ENABLE OT in the Americas. With an emphasis on driving an industrial mindset change for its clients,ENABLE OT focuses on the acceleration of customer value through the connection of the financial and operational layers. The core strategy considers the integration of deep industry domain expertise, whilst leveraging optimal market leading technology, in order to drive industrial digital transformations that are highly effective and replicable.

With an enviable history of delivering digital transformations, Enable is lending their expertise to empower businesses with a mindset that will sustain them amidst a new global landscape. By combining the IT and OT layers in asset-intensive industries, ENABLE OT assists end users in realizing that they can center line their industrial business processes for the very first time. In doing so, they can rapidly improve their financial metrics, scale overall performance and even reduce operational spend.

According to Hector Salgado, CEO of ENABLEGLOBAL, “Operational Technology enables industrial sectors to achieve their productivity and reliability ambitions, as they look to develop Industry 4.0 initiatives, accelerate innovation, drive culture transformation and enhanc ecompetitiveness”. Operational Technology ensures that artificial intelligence, data models and analytics projects are deployed effectively across the enterprise, ultimately producing the desired results.

The IT/OT connection enables enterprise visibility down to the asset and process level, in order to eliminate unplanned downtime – safely and continuously

Mel Ramos, Managing Partner of ENABLE OT comments, “The pressure of global competition is challenging regional industrial players to build reliability frameworks, reduce their operating risk and improve asset and process performance in a sustainable fashion – all whilst transferring end to end knowledge. Due to market penetration by new agile industry players, key sectors must satisfy costly compliance measures whilst protecting the integrity of their data, services, assets and people like never before.” This requires a new business framework to accelerate business performance.

Big change is manageable, when the utilization of technology such as Artificial Intelligence isan asset rather than a mystery

To deliver transformative change in short periods of time, ENABLE OT has pioneered a sustainable framework to “Institutionalize Reliability as a System” for the industrial sector. The framework has already gained substantial traction within the metals and mining sector of the Americas. According toJavier Hernández Gallegos, Director of Operations of Grupo Metales -´Químicos de Industrias Peñoles, “Reliability is core to our business. We look forward to our partnership with ENABLE OT, together driving change and profit optimization for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.”


ENABLE OT exists to increase customer EBITDA and ROA utilization. We leverage subject matter expertise and market leading technologies to reduce spend, whilst improving reliability, safety, security & productivity within a digital context.

For more information on how ENABLE OT can help your business evolve for the better, visit our website at www.enable-global.com and follow us on LinkedIn.comat ENABLE OT.






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